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Leadership Human Relations | HR Homework Help

If one sets their goals appropriately as a leader, their personal leadership philosophy will offer directions on how to make decisions. To develop an operational leadership philosophy, some factors need to be taken into consideration. Self-concept develops through communication with other presumed duties and self-labels. When leaders communicate with others, they present their ideas, attitudes, and principles. In regards to personality, when a leader’s affective outlook is corresponding to the leader-follower relation, the results are usually positive. Understanding the dynamics of one’s leadership philosophy enables him/her to grow more, aim higher, and reap substantially.

Every leader is different, and they all function uniquely based on their personalities. It is imperative that one understands their capacities. Pertaining to my strengths, the aspects of my personality, and self-concept that serve as strengths include the fact that I am self-aware. Self-awareness means being conscious of what you are doing while recognizing there is room for progress. It prompts a setting of consistent learning, which translates to agility and innovation. Furthermore, there is the identity level, which is essential in daily self-regulation as it stimulates different aims. I believe self-identity is essential because it develops a sense of self-worth, whereby I can engage in proper role behavior. This, in turn, facilitates group motivational and interactive process among the subordinates. On the other hand, there are aspects of personality and self-concept that act as drawbacks. They include diverse self-schemas, which are as a result of the varied learning experiences that one may have undergone. This may impact functionality as the different values and beliefs influence the context of work, prompting the need to regulate the effects of self-schemas when evaluating the workplace setting. Nonetheless, there is the issue of excessive oversight whereby one is fixated on knowing what needs to be done to excel while little attention is given to understanding the things that are holding one back as a leader.

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