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A challenge identified from the wall street journal was Microsoft firring its CEO due to having a relationship with one of its employees. This is a significant challenge faced by many organizations across the globe, including MacDonald (Haddon & Vranica). As a leader, there will be a need to develop several strategies that will help ensure that this would never occur and that every employee understands the ethical guidelines guiding the company.

In the first 90 days as the firm leader, there would be a need to have a well-structured strategy to ensure that similar mistakes are not repeated in the company b. This would be based on the lessons learned so far and the code of conduct expected for all employees in an office setting. First, I would ensure to call the employees for an urgent meeting, where everyone would be reminded of the need for observing ethical conduct in their day-to-day activities. The employees would be reminded of why there is a need to respect each other in such a setting, where romantic relationships should be avoided due to the adverse legal consequences likely to occur (Mujtaba & Cavico, 2020). They would also be reminded that such relationships would be dangerous since they would lead to instances of favoritism and also high chances of corruption.

In the first 90 days, I would ensure that there were more training and development programs to ensure all employees are conversant with what is expected of them at the workplace, which would be in line with the organization’s policies. As a part of the strategy, I would also ensure to enforce new policies, which would ensure that morals and ethical conduct amongst the employees are implemented to make them productive (Mujtaba & Cavico, 2020). Finally, there would be a need to ensure that all the professionals within the company have a safe and healthy work environment, where no one would get sexually harassed or bullied by their seniors. This would ensure that all workers are comfortable working without fear of intimidation by their seniors.


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