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Language Conflict Essay Paper

When individuals speak different dialects, they experience disagreements caused by their inability to agree on various outcomes in their surroundings. Communication plays a significant role in uniting individuals and exposing them to an environment where they can accomplish their desired goals. In this regard, language conflict hinders individuals from understanding other people’s needs because of their inability to engage in a topical issue. Many of the problems experienced by individuals in the world today are caused by language conflict because of the widespread misunderstandings and misconceptions a section develops concerning another language group. From this realization, growing in a family affected by linguistic conflict shaped my perspectives towards life. Even though my parents were loving and wanted us to grow in a comfortable environment, I felt the gap, especially when my mother had to speak using a different dialect to her family members. In one instance, I had to learn Chinese, which I found to be challenging because of my European origin, an aspect that influenced my attitude towards the population group. Thus, language conflict can be resolved through the identification of a standard mode of communication that balances people’s expectations and addresses issues that may emerge during interactions.

Clarence Thomas’s Encounter with Language Conflict

Clarence Thomas is a victim of language conflict and is usually used as a case study by scholars exploring the topical issue. Often associated with racism, language conflict is used as a background for questioning the concept of existence. In any multicultural setting, the dominant population group thrives by communicating using a specific dialect that secludes the minorities. In this case, Thomas, a now-celebrated American Judge, grew up speaking the Gullah language, an aspect that was manifested after his decision to join college (Smith, 2016). Unlike other students who were fluent in the English language, Thomas encountered a series of problems interacting with the rest of the students. Given the approach taken by instructors, Thomas had limited options other than to learn the English language like his counterparts. From this realization, Thomas’s case presents the challenges encountered by the minority population groups who are sidelined by the dominant individuals in their surroundings. Thomas enrolled for an English major to conquer the language conflict that was used by other people to discriminate against him.

Graylen Todd Graham’s Encounter with Language Conflict

Graylen Todd Graham believes that the language people use to communicate not only represents their identity but their cultural background. In this case, Graham urges individuals to avoid attacking other people’s language because of the impression it creates on the next person. By referring to Jeff Schwartz, Graham opens a pandora’s box where many people around the globe develop instances that contravene the rules of social existence. At any given time, people will always be involved in conflicts, which can yield positive outcomes if the right channels of solving the differences are followed (Arceneaux, 2017). Notably, the public is unaware of the challenges experienced by the established individuals who now have a significant influence on outcomes in the corporate world. For instance, Graham’s encounter with language conflict not only made him a better person but also a voice in the racially segregated community. His ability to overcome the challenge gave hope to the minority population groups, which experience hardships in a world that is filled with hate for the people of color and immigrants.

John Baugh’s Interaction with Language Conflict

Language plays a critical role in our ability to form healthy relationships with other individuals. John Baugh recalls his first interaction with language and how the moment defined his approach towards life. On many occasions, individuals are supposed to create situations that contribute to their ability to connect with other people in their surrounding environment. When faced by a case, one can quickly tell the possibility of developing viable solutions and enhancing their relations with the warring parties. However, the inclusion of an arbitrator who acts from a neutral ground can be fulfilling because of its impact on the aspects of life that contribute to the changes experienced today. Baugh argues that his interest in linguistics was triggered at an early age because of its impact on his growth and development (Baugh, 1987). Growing up in a multiracial neighborhood, Baugh experienced various obstacles that affected his focus on life. Even though educators are supposed to maintain their attention on conventional English standards, Baugh believes that vernacular language should not be discouraged in the learning environment.

Personal View

By analyzing the approaches used by the specified public figures, one can quickly tell that they had limited options, which discouraged them from accomplishing their desired objectives. In one instance, I sympathized with Judge Thomas’s childhood and the way he had to learn from the cruel world. Having experienced pain caused by homelessness at a young age, Thomas was dedicated to overcoming the aspect of language conflict, which influenced his perspectives towards life. When interacting with different individuals in the world today, one is expected to identify any meaningful approaches they can use to create a level ground for communication (Romero, 2018). I was inspired by the judge’s decision to enroll for an English major to understand the language better and fit in society. Likewise, individuals are expected to create specific scenarios that reflect on their ability to focus on improvements involving their lifestyles. John Baugh’s definition of a language opened up new ideas that people can use to enhance their relations with other people. In an exciting twist of events, the public is supposed to accommodate the changing needs of individuals and overcome challenges that hinder them from discovering their desired objectives.

Challenges Encountered by Foreign Students

In the learning environment, educators struggle to create an enabling environment where students are supposed to align their interests with those of the institution. International students encounter a series of problems ranging from culture shock to the language barrier, an aspect that affects their interaction with other people within the institution. Having experienced this firsthand, I can share my experiences and encounters with other people without fearing what other people might think about me. I am a social person who prefers to build relationships by reaching out instead of waiting for problems to emerge. By establishing contact with other people, I have benefitted from healthy relationships that have helped me fit in the new learning environment. From this realization, the approach taken by other international students should focus on strengthening their bond with the dominant population group to accomplish their desired goals.


Language conflict can be resolved through the identification of a standard mode of communication that balances people’s expectations and addresses issues that may emerge during interactions. In many instances, language is viewed as a medium of communication that triggers both meaningful conversations and adverse outcomes, depending on the approach taken by different parties. At any given time, people are expected to understand the various perspectives held by individuals towards life. Although one might have sinister motives towards a dominant population group because of their previous experiences with them, there is a need to focus on strengthening relationships with other people. By viewing language as a tool of communication, individuals should not judge others by their inability to communicate using a specific language. Linguistics conflict is a topical issue that has been explored by various scholars because of its attribution to racism.

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