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Kali Campbell Discussion | Online Homework Help

The addictive treatment plan will focus on Kali Campbell. Kali Campbell has been arrested twice for using and possessing marijuana. Sher is only 17 years and has already violated her probation period after she tested positive for marijuana. Kali Campbell does not like going to school and claims to be bisexual. Kali says that being bisexual makes her parents think it is a stage but she still feels that she loves everyone. Kali has a girlfriend who is 19n years and is really in love with her. Kali doesn’t want to attend school since she feels she is stupid and does not learn anything. After her girlfriend graduated last year she felt that she has no reason for attending classes. She has also been bullied by other children in school since she is bisexual. Kali does not show any desire of finding a job since all she wants is to get out of her parent’s place.

The primary problem of Kali Campbell is her character, personality, and attitude towards life. She may have used drugs due to her emotional problem which she has failed to admit. She sounds very depressed. She needs some diagnosis but she is not willing to be treated and does not admit that it is unacceptable to use marijuana since she believes drug laws are stupid. Kali needs a highly effective, well-established treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy will focus on understanding, identifying changing behavior and thinking patterns (Thompson and Stepney, 2017).

As much as Kali seems to be embarrassed by her situation and life, she needs to be assessed for depression. She appears to be healthy in appearance, oriented, and alert but close interaction with Kali will reveal the overall state since one can learn about other things. For instance, during verbal screening, the volume can be loud in case Kali is agitated or depressed. Ideally, the treatment intervention plan will enable Kali to identify her emotions and feelings. The parents also need to be educated to understand Kali and live well with her. Ideally, through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the health practitioner will manage Kali’s problems and change the way she behaves and think (Hayes and Hofmann, 2017). CBT will be an effective way of treating depression and anxiety in Kali.

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