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Kali Campbell Case Study Assignment | Get Homework Help

The client under clinical assessment and whose treatment plan will be outlined in this paper is Kali Campbell. Kali is a troubled seventeen-year-old girl of a mixed race. She has been arrested twice for possession of Marijuana and drug use and has violated her probation period. She does not like going to school and claims to be bisexual. Kali has been referred for depression counseling.

Kali’s primary issue is her nature and character. She might have used marijuana and drugs due to her emotional issue which she has failed to admit. Kali undergoes some diagnosis but she is not willing to be treated and does not willingly accept using Marijuana. She has stopped schooling since she was bullied and has been embarrassed and has been embarrassed since he is gay and is in love with girls more than boys. Kali seems depressed due to her situation.

Kali needs to be assessed for depression through the use of verbal screening tools. There are several questions that Kali needs to be asked concerning her situation. After the verbal screening, it is important to examine the level of her depression before being treated to decide concerning the assessment conducted.

The short term goals include offering cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT is a psychotherapy treatment that takes a hands-on practical design to solve problems and its goal is to change thinking behaviors or patterns of behavior and thinking that are behind an individual’s difficulties and thus change the way they feel. Kali should stop feeling embarrassed, should establish a better relationship with her mother, and should understand that the use of marijuana and other illegal drugs is prohibited. The long term goals include; Kali will not rely on marijuana or drugs and that she will acknowledge her self-worth.

The treatment plan intervention will enable Kali to recognize, identify, and resolve her feelings. Conducting family therapy that will educate the parents on their role in her life and situations to get her from depression. Empathy and active listening will work best for Kali. This can be applied through verbal screening. The healthcare practitioner needs to listen with concern and understa

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