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The main subject of the article revolves around the immigration policies. Donald Trump’s administration seeks to introduce stricter measures that would see thousands denied the opportunity to migrate into the United States. Donald Trump’s approach to immigration policies has been marred with profound controversies and uproar from sections of society. Through the Office of White House Adviser Stephen Miller, the Trump administration seeks to restrict green card issues to peoples from Africa, Latin America, and Parts of Asia. The policy aims at raising the standards of “immigrants’ quality based on good education and a measure of self-sufficiency” (Shear et al.). The Director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II – openly supported Trump’s immigration policy on denying the poor entry to the country. This is based on the possibility of having the American taxpayers being forced to cater to the poor immigrant’s welfare and not contributing to the growth and development of the country.

The former immigration policy employee during the Obama White House and Cofounder of a technology company that focuses on helping immigrants obtain green cards, Doug Rand – views the policy as one that has never been seen in American history. Never in the history of the United States have the poor been denied an opportunity to pursue their dreams in the country and desire to transform their lives. Also, Beto O’Rourke, a former Democratic Congressman, took a swipe on Cuccinelli II comment as whites privileged syndrome that the Statute of Liberty is/was only designed for them.

The article illustrates high levels of bias against Trump’s controversial initiative, which they find to violate the supportive evidence of the previous government’s actions. The article presents the lives and desires of immigrants, such as Maria, who comes from El Salvador with the hope of attaining a green card. Maria was married to Edward, an American-born veteran having to endure the difficulties with the new immigration policy (Shear et al.). Terms such as ideology and human rights learned in the class were helpful in comprehending the news articles. The ideology revolves on how different administration’s approach policies such as immigration. The application of human rights questions the respect for human values and politics around the issue at hand.

Personal Opinion

From the campaign period, Donald Trump’s approach towards immigrants, mainly from third world countries, has been characterized by extensive controversies. This is complemented in the article that views the new immigration as one that denies thousands of people an opportunity for better living standards. The American Dream notion in this article, as depicted to be violated by the new immigration policies, is profoundly eroded. The ideology is one that transforms the history of the United States as a safe haven for people from developing countries and an opportunity to turn around things. However, this remains considerably impossible.

Furthermore, the provision of clauses that make it easier for immigrants from Canada and Europe to access green card opportunities as compared to the people from developing nations illustrates a manifestation of discrimination against the poor. This is an advancement of prejudiced policies that denies equal opportunity to immigrants based on their nationality, economic status, and education levels. It tends to favor the privileged that can afford a comfortable life in their native countries while denying potential candidates from poor backgrounds an opportunity to transform their lives.

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