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Homeless Americans in Los Angeles

Conducting a research on homeless American citizens residing on the streets of Los Angeles was a very emotional and frighteningundertaking.  Based on the research, most homeless individuals in Los Angeles live along the riverbanks of Los Angeles, using the river as a water source for basic chores such as cooking, bathing, and cooking needs. Most that are neglected by the community opt to earn a living by collecting pieces of metal and old pallets. Moreover, for some, an ancientold-fashioned Chevrolet Impala would be viewed as a refurbishment project. However, in Los Angeles, others are likely to consider it as a home. Displacedpersonstypically carry all their possessions as they try to find food, accommodation, water and frequentlyutilize old and cast-offshop carts to carry the items around.

During the research, many hours were spent researching articles and medical journals pertaining to homeless citizens residing on Los Angeles streets. I also spent time with the Los Angeles Fire Department, situated along Skid Rowin downtown Los Angeles, one of the largest and concentrated populaces of homeless citizens residing on the streets. I wanted to have an enhanced perspective and understanding regarding homeless Americans. Based on the research, most American citizens perceive the destitute as parasites and a monetary drain to society.

One aspect I learned regarding myself is that in most instances, I was among the numerous Americans that stereotyped destitute Americans instead of clearly understanding the challenge itself.  Most of my research was diversified between primary and secondary sources and was attributed to whether the study was elementary medical study, scientific method study, or clinical trials.The sources integrated into the research consisted of medical journals, psychiatrists, and institutions of higher learning. The sole aim of undertaking the study based on the homeless populace is attributed to the surge in the homeless populace.


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