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Jacob Böhme and Karl Von Eckhartshausen on the Concept of Esoteric

Esoteric Christianity entails a collaborative form of theology of Christianity that is responsible for possessing some spiritual doctrines of Christianity. It can be understood by those who undergo certain religious rights within the doctrine, such as the baptism right. With regards to the main steam Christianity, there is an idea that presents a similar assumption, suggesting that faith is only means through which the understanding of God could be attained. The term Esoteric originates from the Greek language. It originated in the 17th century from a Greek word that translates to “inner” in the English language. Esoteric attempts to elaborates on the inner understanding of religion.  Among the authors that have developed the subject include Jacob Bohme and Karl Von Eckhartshausen.

With regards to the writings of Jacob Bohme, the primary concerns revolved around the aspects of evil, sin, and redemption. His teachings expressed consistency with the Lutheran theology.  They elaborate that humanity has fallen from a state of divine grace and ended in a state of sin and suffering (Andersson et al. 57). His view suggests that forces of evil are vast, including angels that had rebelled against God. As a result of the fall of humanity and the increase of evil forces, God sought to restore humanity and the world to state grace. Although the teachings of Bohme rely on Lutheran theology, he fails to agree with the representation of the Lutheran theology of the solar fide.

The theology, as presented by Bohme, fails to agree with the accepted theology. His description regards the fall of humanity as a necessary stage in the evolution of the universe. Bohme presents a new perspective in his theology, suggesting that it is an absolute requirement to go through hell. He explains that the existence of God is within the factors of time and space. Further, God regenerates himself through eternity. In his theology, he does not view evil as an aspect that is necessary or desirable in the process of achieving good. He elaborates that, in order of nature, evil factors cannot generate good things. He explains that evil produces evil.  He expresses the lack of belief in divine mandate or unavoidable necessity for evil and the effects of evil.

According to the teachings of Karl von Eckhartshausen, the teachings encourage the adoption of a practice of reading the Christian scriptures.  He failed to deeply explore the aspects esoteric further than the letter of the text. He explains that the truth regarding the word of God cannot rely on objective reality. However, it is different for every person who analyses it. He explains that truth regarding the word of God is inherently based on an event, and can only be experienced by being a follower of Christ. Christians, in his view, generate their hope through the happenings in the Christian doctrine. For instance, the desire for salvation is created through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The understanding of the Christian truth, in his view, is reliant on the personal experiences generated on the subject. He explains that, the real incarnation is manifested in individuals by themselves, resulting in the birth of God in the souls of humans. For the birth of God in human souls, humans must detach themselves from the world around them (Hanegraaff 108). He explains that God denotes perfection, and through attaching oneself to God, perfection is achieved. Perfection, however, is progressive and not static. It is continuously realized through the alignment with God.



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