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IT Question Responses Essay | College Homework Help

TCP and UDP contain numerous variances and comparisons. They are the most regularly utilized procedures for distributing packets through the internet. They all work on the transport layers of the TCP/IP protocol stack and both utilize the IP protocols. TCP is considered to be a connection-oriented protocol and UDP is a connection-less protocol. The TCP institutes connections between the senders and receivers prior to the sending of information. UDP does not establish connections before disseminating information. Information disseminated through a TCP protocol is sure to be conveyed to the receivers. If information is lost during the process of dissemination, it may retrieve the information and resend it. TCP will similarly inspect the packets for faults and trace packets so that information is not misplaced or ruined. UDP is undependable, it does not offer assured distribution and datagram packets may turn out to be damaged or lost during distribution.  Therefore, TCP protocol turns out to be the most convenient mode of distributing data.

Response to Kemmar

Nodes in a network should be linked in a certain logical manner. The layout design of the interconnections in nodes in a network is known as network topology. You may consider topologies as the computer-generated outline or organization of the network. Network topology is likewise considered as the ‘network architecture.’ There exists numerous differences amongst the various networking topologies that make them suitable for a specific functions. Foremost, in bus topology, a node failure in the network does not hamper the entire network. For ring and star topology, it is easier to locate and segregate a liability on the system and reconfiguration or addition of devices is comparatively uncomplicated. These topologies are known to facilitate easier distribution of information.

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