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Question 1

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is a computer software generated by Microsoft Corporation that allows administrators to possess full control regarding how and during which period updates may be implemented guaranteeing computers in a network contain most updated patches. WSUS is most efficient during the management of large networks as it grabs the updates from Microsoft’s update site on the internet. Then the local workplaces and servers are reconfigured to obtain their updates from the WSUS server onto the local LAN rather than having numerous hosts accessing the network’s exterior components to download the latest updates (Virvilis Gritzalis & Apostolopoulos, 2013). The implementation shall eradicate more of the repetitive downloads and avert inflicting destruction on network’s bandwidth. Administrators may as well stipulate that updates should be transferred from Microsoft’s update website and once sanctioned, they are circulated to every server and workstation within the network. Moreover, WSUS also provides an opportunity of rolling back updates on every computer in the organization when specific updates cause challenges within the network. By integrating the WSUS, it is easier to uninstall the update from the system and get them back up and progressing once more.

Windows Defender is an in built-in antivirus application developed by Microsoft that helps in averting unsolicited malicious folders from accessing the network. The Windows Defender executes its functions magnificently in eradicating the prevalent and predominant malware. It does not just detect, but similarly averts performance attacking and malware-caused safety risks. When the malware is perceived, the follow-on activities comprise of either deleting the damaging files, fix the files and removing the corrupt codes, or secluding the files to locations that will not aide replication (Virvilis Gritzalis & Apostolopoulos, 2013).  To guarantee the network’s safety, it is significant that updates are regularly updated.  Depending on needs of the organizations, this may range from immediate, or after a certain period once the updates are sent to the server. Moreover, because it is important to a running antivirus software running, administrators should conduct scans regularly, and also conducting complete scans sporadically. Ultimately, it is likewise imperative to frequently handle backups and acquiring adequate storage to aid backups that are good for the corporation.

Question 2

According to Krause (2016), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is designed to lessen the administrative problem and easing the intricacy of configuring hosts within a network. This is a networking protocol that sanctions a server to spontaneously allocate an internet protocol address to the host. If a DHCP server allocates an IP to a machine, it offers a “lease period”. The network administrator regulates the lease duration and when this period elapses, the lease is then offered to a new computer. The DHCP protocol’s scope is a select administrative collection of IP addresses for a network subnet (Krause, 2016). The scope ought to be described and organized before the addition of DHCP clienteles since this is what determines they range and the type of select IP address provided to the every client on the domain.

To constitute DHCP into a network, the administrator should mount the DHCP features and traits in the selected server. In the server manager, click on Tools -> DHCP and then allocate a novel scope for the address pool you may require. Within the New Scope Wizard, insert the collection of addresses, default gateway, duration of the lease, omitted ranges in the address pool, and the range tag. Thereafter, the DHCP ought to begin spontaneously allocating the IP addresses to computers hosted within the network. According to Krause (2016), one of the important aspects to always to consider is possessing a static IP address for servers in a network. This is because integrating a DHCP may result in numerous problems pertaining to the communication between the servers and computer terminals. Network administrators may allocate the servers, or additional devices to be static only by accessing the options for a particular computer and manually keying in the internet protocol address.

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