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IOM Future of Nursing Report | Research Paper Writing Help

Ten years ago, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) delivered a recommendation report concerning the advancement of health care in the United States, which nursing professionals could steer. The IOM Future of Nursing report described as “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,” its objective was to provide nurses with a framework that would facilitate the nation’s change from hospital-based to value-based services. Moreover, it would emphasize the well-being and prevention within the community. These duties make health professionals an essential component of any health care system. The IOM report’s key message is based on redundancy, preparation, and administration. The report similarly gathers and examines diverse data on the health sector prior to proposing crucial alterations that are capable of advancing the future of healthcare provided by nurses.  Similarly, the key objective of the Future of Nursing Campaign for Action is agitating for full presentation of suggestions within the report by the Institute of Medicine. Therefore, there is a need to advance their capability to offer improved care to patients continuously. The paper aims at describing the work of the Robert Wood Foundation Committee Initiative, the four key messages, discussing the roles of state-based action coalitions, coalition initiatives, and barriers.

Robert Wood Foundation Committee Initiatives

In July 2009, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) initiated a new plan to examine challenges faced within the nursing profession and instigate commendations that shall transform healthcare delivery. RWJF is a renowned charity organization committed to health in conjunction with various illustrious organizations from the healthcare continuum. RWJF collaborated with the IOM to develop a two-year Future of Nursing Initiative to enhance health delivery. Both I.O.M. and RWJF approved that achieving high-quality care was necessary, and it was the principal element for exceptional governance and nursing care.

Both corporations labored collaboratively on this subject to gain more reliability and mindfulness and offer the most significant practices. Establishing the initiative’s intent involved the ultimate vision of a fruitful report for an impending nurse’s generation assimilating an awareness and a practice-oriented strategy with regulations regarding their essential roles. The proposal entailed changes within the centralized, state, and municipal level structural objectives. The commission comprehensively evaluated the nursing profession. This is in terms of nurses’ shortage, the job’s social extents, modern and future healthcare technology, and adjustments in nursing education to tackle the emergent problems.

Four Key Messages

According to Arzouman (2016), the IOM Report is modeled by four fundamental messages from the commendations. The messages include ensuring the full recognition of their influence; the nursing career may have to go through a vital development in training, practicing, and leadership realms. Foremost, nursing professionals have the potential to develop innovative proposals to improve the healthcare system.  However, several obstacles include ancient and regulatory barriers that are a hindrance to the ability to cultivate prevalent alteration. The commendation has altered the nursing practice by eradicating such barriers and allowing nurses to answer the demands of the ever-changing healthcare structures and patients’ needs.

The other recommendation is that an improved education system can efficiently help the nurses attain a high level of education and training. The developed system is crucial in guaranteeing nurses have the ability to offer superior, secure, and patient-centered care in numerous settings that include principal care, communal and public health. For instance, within numerous health settings, hospital and community care have turned out to be complicated. In reacting to such alterations, nurses have to attain a high level of training and education. An example includes the use of technology, such as virtual reality, to back AND-to-MSN plans.

The third important message is nurses should be engaged in healthcare reforms in the United States and must be inclusive associates. Robust leadership is crucial in health care transformation, and nurses should act as leaders to aggressively take part in attaining the vision. The recommendation has changed education in nursing in numerous means. Foremost, in guaranteeing the nurses’ readiness to assume leadership roles, particular leadership-related abilities are integrated into nursing training (Hassmiller & Reinhard, 2015)—for instance, developing a successful team, leading through visions performance alignment for achievements.

The fourth message is that enhanced data structures are crucial in guaranteeing the effective scheduling of the workforce. In general, planned healthcare personnel development is regularly affected by the non-existence of reliable information. The information is crucial in ascertaining the needs of the staff and instituting targets. The recommendation has an influence on the employees by guaranteeing availability analysis structures and data collection techniques, and essential alterations in the nursing profession have been established.

Role of State-Based Action Coalitions

In the progression of the report’s identified objectives, state-based coalitions are vital through the cooperation of numerous states whose aim is to guarantee the best quality care is offered by nurses that are happy and well-equipped in their profession. Therefore, the state-based coalitions consist of professionals from several federations and national corporations whose aim is to guarantee that the healthcare system continues to progress. Adams (2016) indicates that the implementation of agreements from the IOM report was to be tailored to match every state’s particular needs and ought to be implemented based on a long-standing capability to sustain health care revolution at the local, county, and state level.

Subsequently, the Campaign for Action incorporated diverse approaches in actualizing its aims. The first approach involves promoting and supplementing the proposed innovative alterations to have an enhanced nursing education framework. The second approach consists of backing nursing professionals to take up leadership responsibilities to push the transformations (Rose & Nies, 2016). The third approach involves a pledge to eradicating every barrier in pursuit of offering quality health care. The fourth approach consists of advocating and supporting cooperation and partnership amongst professionals. The fifth approach involves promoting an ethnically diverse staff to guarantee every individual’s inclusivity and recognition in the career. The last approach entails agitating for a resilient labor force.

New York Action Coalition and its initiative

In the state of New York, the urge to enhance the quality of nursing impelled extra emphasis on nursing training, inter-professional guidelines, and security for both patients and care providers. Consequently, the New York state action coalition is backed by AARP and RWJF and has facilitated the execution of two undertakings that are altering education. Moreover, they also foster effective partnerships amongst different specialists in health care.

The first initiative was the marked transition of nursing training based on the IOM report acknowledging that ADN arranged practitioners are essential in dispensing healthcare services. Therefore, junior institutions that offer ADN projects engage in an elementary task in the nursing personnel’s variation and preparation. With a highly educated and trained workforce, the nurses in New York State can provide the best care regardless of the care settings’ complexity. The other initiative entailed the development of an inter-professional partnership. Using the initiative, the state has improved the care value while also bearing in mind the general patient welfare. The collaborative atmosphere has similarly resulted in admiration, better communication, and belief amongst experts. This is because they comprehend that their combined efforts are vital in the transformation of the health industry for every individual’s benefit.


Despite the progress in New York, the implementation of the Action Coalitions remains to be hindered by the shortage of adequately trained nursing professionals. In this case, numerous health care amenities experience an absence of quality nursing personnel essential in advancing nursing care (Peterson, 2017). The other obstacle is the unwillingness of diverse groups to commit to partnerships.  Therefore, several crucial progressions that may be connected are averted to the disadvantage of every party involved.

Nonetheless, the state of New York may overcome these inhibitions by offering extra enticements to individuals in the nursing career so that more can join and furnish them with cutting-edge training. Moreover, substantial shareholders are being trained on obligating collaborations and boosting the practice with improved resolutions for progressing care through nurse advocates interventions.


Through the RWJF and IOM reports, the United States has a proposal to enhance healthcare through necessary nursing alterations. This is to ensure that nurses are well trained to manage the work complexities while offering quality care. Nursing has the ability to impact numerous health care systems but similarly displays many obstacles. Furthermore, state-based actions and the Campaign for Action major affiliation are a joint action to implement the IOM recommendations and advance and style nurse-driven growth to outspread quality care to the American citizens.

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