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Invasion of Privacy

Discussion One

Dear Classmate,

Invasion of privacy is a topical issue that attracts mixed feelings and emotions because of its impact on people’s lifestyles. I would be shocked to realize that someone has access to my sexual conversations with my partner. Now that the government monitors public communications, individuals develop mistrust for the federal administration because of the impact information would have when handled by the wrong people (Macnish, 2018). It is possible that certain parties within the government can misuse their access to the public’s communication to settle personal scores. I support privacy invasion if used to enhance national security by neutralizing terrorists and their cells in the U.S. and beyond. However, it is difficult to draw the line between possible misuse of access to information and the right privileges (Spiro, 2017). I agree with you that there should be a delicate balance between the government’s ability to use its powers to protect its citizens’ wellbeing from external influence.

Discussion Two

Dear Friend,

I hold a similar position as you on the government’s ability to access information from the public to protect them from external factors such as terrorism. However, the Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures from law enforcement agencies (Stewart, 2017). In this case, drawing the line between invasion of privacy and allowing individuals to enjoy the same right is difficult because of the government’s inability to prove the crime without violating the Fourth Amendment. Looking at the Patriot Act’s effectiveness that allows the government to tap people’s communication, one can only wonder about the inability of law enforcement agencies to neutralize terrorist activities (Scott, 2016). The government should acknowledge people’s rights to privacy because of its impact if handled by individuals with ill-intention. Since the Patriot Act was deemed illegal, the government should stop its espionage activities and embark on a legal mission of protecting its citizens within the law.

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