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International Relations | Do My Assignment

Women and Self-Advocacy

Professor Carter began the workshop by identifying its goals which included recognizing the barriers women face at the negotiation table and understanding why it was vital for women to be included at such tables. The slides used by Professor Carter made it very easy for each student to follow through the lecture and understand. The lecturer used figures, practical examples, pictures and public figures during the lecture to make his points.

Using the case study of Syrian women at the table, Professor Carter illustrated that women being included at the table was not only about numbers but meaningful inclusion. Only 12 Syrian women were present but their role was as third party observers which did not illustrate meaningful inclusion. The Economic theory showed that including women at the negotiation table would lead to better and more permanent agreements. Professor Carter introduced the theory of social inclusion which recognized the value of women and empowered them to participate fully in the negotiation process.

Therefore, more has to be done with only 25% of women holding positions at the UN. There’s also a constant appeal to have a transparent process when selecting candidates at the UN with the spotlight being given to women. The lecturer pointed out some of the barriers that prevented women from sitting at the table which included conceptual, structural and practical barriers. Former secretary general Ban Ki-Moon recommendation for increasing women participation was pointed out therefore giving students an idea of the steps they could use to have more women taking part in negotiations. The lecture by Professor Carter was both informative and eye-opening and the students got to understand the value of including women at the negotiation table.

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