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International Criminal Justice Article Review | Homework Help

Topic: Sex trafficking

Research Problem

The main problem of the article by Troshynski and Blank (2008, p. 30) seeks to “address the difficulties and simplicity of conducting interviews” on persons who support, promote, reproduce, and actively work to sustain human trafficking activities. The article seeks to get an in-depth understanding of the driving force that prompt human traffickers to support such a heinous, inhumane, and horrible practice.

Research Question

The research questions focus on determining how human traffickers make sense of their believes and position within the illegal business of sex trafficking. Also, to understand the characteristics and personal dimensions of the traffickers and the reasons they joined the business (Troshynski & Blank., 2008). Moreover, attempts to answer the driving perceptions of the business by the traffickers and opinions of the persons they traffic.


The article is based on a pragmatic analysis of the practice by getting in-depth data from the traffickers directly. This is focused on understanding the views, opinions, perceptions, and beliefs of the traffickers on their practice, support, and sustaining of an illegal business (Troshynski & Blank., 2008). The article aims at finding a pragmatic understanding of the practicalities of sex and human trafficking from the standpoint of the persons that engage, support, promote, and sustain the activity. Therefore, provide an objective understanding of a side that has often been neglected from the studies (Troshynski & Blank., 2008).

Research Design

The research design is based on the use of open-ended, semi-structured qualitative interviews to get extensive data from the traffickers. The exploratory research that is used to inform the article was conducted in 2003 (Troshynski & Blank., 2008).

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