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‘Intelligent’ Tutors: Will They Change Teaching? | Assignment Writers

It is unlikely that Robots will put the teachers out of jobs soon. However, the tutoring system is likely to change classroom practices. The robots are changing very human activity, which will affect the way students learn and teachers teach. They cannot be able to teach everything but will most probably teach what they can. Then leave the rest to the teachers. Teachers will be able to use computer programs to model their students how to work with technology professionally. Artificial intelligence will change teaching by changing the goals and purposes of education rather than replacing the teachers.

The AI systems are structured to model the students’ psychological states and ensure they have personalized instructions.   When the students interact with them, then their data is collected about their approach to problems. It then evolves in response to those who use it, hence helps in improving the lessons and assessments it presents. Such systems have shown significant promises and could complement the teachers in the coming years, where they will enhance the efficiency of the students and ensure that they attain their maximum capability in schools.

Researchers developing the AI systems have agreed that teachers are vital in making the systems work effectively. Instead of replacing them, the robots will tackle many tasks that teachers don’t like doing, making their teaching job easier. However, the teachers will need more specific professional development to integrate intelligent systems into their classrooms. Therefore, teachers need to accept the emerging changes in the evolution of modern technology and work together to ensure that the quality of education is improved.

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