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Integrity and leadership | Research Paper Help

The person

Amanda, my former colleague acted with high integrity on several occasions.

Examples of integrity

It was just the day before the exhibition and Amanda, realized that several equipment would arrive late because she previously entered the wrong delivery date. Such errors had occurred before on multiple occasions, and Amanda was certain that she could blame the delivery team, and avoid the wrath of her manager. However, she opted to call the delivery team and obtain the delivery several hours later. She then informed her manager regarding the inconvenience, and informed him that she had rectified the issue.

In yet another case, Amanda was part of a project team that targeted system development. In a particular meeting, other team members accused her of concerns associated with the design and implementation of the system, and that she was rather unproductive. Although the accusations were hurtful, she listened to each member’s complaints without lashing out or interrupting. Collectively, they resort to explore the concerns and identify solutions.

Integrity and leadership

Integrity is critical in leadership since it builds credibility. Corporations with leaders with high degree integrity are likely to attract more investors and clients because individuals prefer to interact and do business with other individuals they trust. In addition, leaders with integrity easily gain the trust of their employees and colleagues and inspire them to perform better. With integrity, leaders are capable of confronting inconvenient or uncomfortable truths as they perceive the world as it truly is .Their refusal to compromise enables such leaders to do that which is right. Leaders practicing integrity are committed to success. Integrity prompts such leaders to feel accountable to their colleagues and employees. These leaders are also capable to steer their teams towards organizational goals.

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