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Intake and Assessment Homework Paper | Get Assignment Help

Strengths in working with the client and/or family

The strength in working with the family includes that all the children can be easily accessed when necessary as the parents of Brianna have guardianship of all the children. Another strength of working with Brianna is that she is also attached to other government services working with her, including Indian Child Welfare (ICW) and a County Child Protection agency (CPS). These services are ware of her situation and presenting her case to them would be easy. The final straight in working with Brianna is that all her children below the age of 18 years, and consequently, lawfully considered children requiring government protection.

Challenges in working with the client and/or family.

The challenges in working with Brianna include that she is mentally unstable and abuses drugs, including methamphetamines and alcohol.

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It is also challenging to work with Brianna as even her mother, who has custody of the children, is mentally unstable. The final challenge in working with Brianna is that the fathers of the children also abuse drugs and are continuously in and out of jail. The father of her eighth child presents a significant challenge since as he brings her drugs when she is in the hospital. There are increased chances that he would continue giving her the drugs when she leaves the hospital.

Potential ways strengths can be used to support the client and/or family.

The potential ways of using the strengths to support Brianna and her family include that since all the children are together and in the custody of the parents of Brianna, chances of accessing the children are increased. The children would likely require support to enable them to deal with the possibility of mental disturbance and even the unavailability of necessities. It is easier to reach the children to provide them the necessary assistance.

As several institutions, including Indian Child Welfare (ICW) and a County Child Protection agency (CPS), are also aware of the situation, it is easier to work with the family. Through collaboration with the various institutions, better decisions could be reached on the best way to assist the family and make sure that they are care

It would be necessary to employ the assistance of other organizations charged with assisting children, including child protection services and child welfare services, to ensure that the children receive the necessary assistance.

Strategies for addressing the challenges the client and/or family face.

The strategies for addressing the challenges that the client and her family face include the facilitation of counseling services to enable the client to deal with the mental health issues that she faces and the drug addiction that she is dealing with as menta issues form the basis of drug abuse (Han et al. 2017). The counseling services would also be necessary for the rest of the family, as her mother, who has the guardianship of the children, is also dealing with mental health issues. Also, as the children have been exposed to the mental health and drug addiction problems, it is necessary that they also receive counseling to help them deal with the possible trauma they could have been exposed to (Jääskeläinen, et al. 2016).

As the eighth child was born with an addiction problem, and since Brianna also struggled with visible addiction and withdrawal symptoms while in the hospital, it is necessary that Brianna and the child receive assistance from a drug rehabilitation professional. It is necessary that as she undergoes the rehabilitation process, she is kept away from the father of the eighth child. He is both violent and provides her the drugs, a factor that could frustrate the rehabilitation exercise.

The final assistance that the client could be provided is that she could be trained and provided with the expertise of being in an employment position. The lack of an income-generating activity could be among the factors that lead to her drug intake due to frustration.

List other professionals that may offer additional support to the client and/or family.

The other professionals who could support Brianna and her family include addiction councilors who could provide her the necessary therapy for the drug addiction problem. She could also be assisted by psychiatrists and psychologists who treat underlying mental conditions manifested in mental instability (Adejoh, Temilola & Adejuwon, 2018). The children could be assisted by child welfare professionals, including child counselors and family counselors.

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