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Infographic (Poster) – Assignment



The purpose of this Infographic Poster is to make the story of the data the primary focus and allow the audience to derive a narrative based upon the information listed within the poster. The Infographic Poster to include information through bar graphs, pie charts, histograms, line charts, tree diagrams, mind maps, Gantt charts, and network diagrams etc.


For example, the antiviral drug “Remdesivir” was recently approved by the FDA to treat certain hospitalized patients with COVID-19.  What is it?  How does it work?  What trials have been performed on it? Are there other antiviral drugs that are under consideration?  Have any been shown to be effective?  Etc.


Plasma taken from recovered COVID patients. So-called “Convalescent Plasma” has been used for more than 100 years to treat a variety of illnesses from measles to polio, chickenpox, and SARS. Who can donate plasma?  How has it been applied to current COVID patients?  What are the results? Etc.


There is some evidence that shows that the corticosteroid drug “Dexamethasone” decreased the risk of dying in very ill hospitalized COVID-19 patients.  Corticosteroids are anti-inflammatory drugs.  What are their properties? When can a patient begin to use them?  Etc.


Some studies have shown that COVID-19 patients improve more quickly when given “Chloroquine” or “Hydroxychloroquine”, drugs that are primarily used to treat malaria and several inflammatory diseases.

Some reports show a combination of “Hydroxychloroquine” and “Azithromycin” (an antibiotic) has produced positive effects.


These are just some ideas to get you thinking.  You can also mention any other treatments or approaches that are under consideration and research them. For example, the use of Vitamin C or Vitamin D to mitigate the symptoms or to prevent the onset of the virus showed promise.


Students who prefer to work on different COVD-19 treatments than the ones listed above need to notify

the instructor in advance.  

Tip: Tells a story, takes your eyes on a predefined journey, provides a new angle, practical value, well structured, sends one key message, visually appealing, it is accurate & well researched, makes copy short and sweet etc. When thinking of what to put on the infographic poster, ask yourself the following two questions: 1) What are the salient points of my talk? 2) What key message(s) do I want to get across?


Lastly, don’t forget to cite your sources. Do add in-text citations and list references at the end through APA style 6th edition. Make it easy for your reader to fact-check your information by including links to your sources, as well as citations. It is simple. However, if you don’t cite your sources, you’re not making an Infographic Poster.

You’re making a poster with some stuff on it that may or may not be true.


Format: One-page document including charts and other visuals including a list of references at the end is required.

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