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Incidents of Inequality | Professional Essay Writing

Scenario 1: Gender Discrimination


In 2018, Uber Technologies, Inc. was investigated for creating an enabling environment for gender discrimination against female employees. In 2019, the taxi-hailing app maker was required to pay $4.4 million in compensation to the affected women who endured the discriminatory practices from senior male employees (Becker, 2020).

Impact on the Victim

Gender discrimination discourages women from pursuing leadership positions in the corporate world because of the stumbling blocks that hinder them in their career growth and development (Kim, Kim, Lee, Sim, Kim, Yun, & Yoon, 2020). Female employees encounter unlimited challenges that discourage them from accomplishing their desired outcomes in the working environment.

Impact on the Organization

Corporations that are accused of gender discrimination receive low-ratings on job platforms such as LinkedIn, which attracts negative publicity that may hinder its public image. When an organization is deemed as unsafe for female employees, many stakeholders cut their ties and shift to other organizations that recognize the changing needs of individuals.

Impact on Society

Gender discriminatory practices in the workplace and beyond affect the perspectives of women towards life. On many occasions, women may shun from occupying leadership positions in the community despite their qualifications that support their ambitions. From this realization, the discriminatory practices advance inequality and hinder individuals from realizing their desired outcomes in the modern community.

Scenario 2: Racial Discrimination


In the U.S., African-Americans are discriminated by the dominant population group. In many instances, the discriminatory practices facilitate adverse outcomes such as police brutality that destroys the relationship between the law enforcement agencies and the Black Community. Hence, racial discrimination is a primary hindrance that affects the ability of the black community to accomplish their desired outcomes in life.

Impact on the Victim

Racial discrimination affects the perception of African-American individuals by exposing them to a climate of fear. It becomes difficult to secure job opportunities because of the various challenges that hinder individuals from accomplishing their desired outcomes (Craig & Richeson, 2017). Besides, the relationship between the affected population group and the dominant population becomes scathed because of the inability to achieve the desired outcomes in life.

Impact on the Offender

Offenders may develop a certain degree of complacency where they can pursue their selfish interests because of the inability of the criminal and justice system to side with the victim. Aspects such as police brutality become a norm because of the inability of the justice system to prosecute individuals from the dominant population group.

Impact on the Society

Racial discrimination encourages aspects such as white privilege that are normalized through social structures such as the credit score and the approaches used in the housing sector. On many occasions, racial discrimination is easily dismissed as structural processes because of the ongoing normalization that victimizes the affected people for their position in the society.

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