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Incarcerated in Arizona Prison Essay | Best Assignment Writers

Over the years, researchers have used prisoners as subjects to their research, which has been challenging. They do this in disregard of the prisoners’ rights. However, in recent researches carried out the value and worth of prisoners has been noted thus considering their rights while carrying out research. The process of forcing prisoners into researches does not yield accurate results (Wacquant 371; Yeager 413).

In 2017, five incarcerated ATP members carried out an in-depth research on prisoners in ADC’s East unit one of the men’s’ security facilities in Arizona. The main purpose of the research was to study recidivism and re-entry of incarcerated persons. Interview questions on re-entry were administered to the prisoners to establish the needs of those re-entering the society. Incarcerated persons had a hard time getting back to the society and so the research would reveal the challenges they go through. From the research carried out, the view of incarcerated persons in the present culture will change thus a brighter future for those re-entering the society will be guaranteed.

The way of approach to this research proved to be more effective as questions asked by fellow prisoners will produce honest results.  Inmates tend to have a good relationship with each other as they experience the same life. Despite this study design being effective it also had its weakness. This study design may not be idyllic for all prisons as some do not allow unit wide access or disclosure information from their units. This research design is only applicable to lower level prisons. This type of a research creates a purpose for incarcerated persons and restores hope in the future plans that they may want to achieve.

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