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Improving Services to Diverse Population

Minorities’ issues

Even though principles of non-discrimination and equality are included in international standards, discrimination remains a challenge globally. The recent conceptions of disadvantaged populations raise multiple questions and futile issues. Minority groups are likely to experience social discrimination. I will probably see that they receive unequal treatment. Minority groups, especially religious minorities are likely to experience persecution by non-state and state actors as well as challenges in accessing assistance (Avis, 2019). Since they are the most marginalized populations; minority groups will be excluded from participating in economic and social developments.

The minorities are also likely to appear wasted due to limited access to health care services and food. Since these individuals are socio-economically disadvantaged, they are unable to access adequate food and proper medical services ( Bhugra, 2016). As a matter of fact, some of them will be malnourished. They may also be illiterate since they have limited access to education services. It is likely that the women and girls will not be attending school.

These disadvantaged populations will likely be residing in poor housing. A majority of them are not able to afford housing. Poor housing conditions are among the most significant manifestations of social exclusion (Harrison, Law & Phillips, 2005). It is also likely that they will be living in unhygienic conditions with limited water and other social amenities.

I am also likely to see the unwillingness of the minorities to communicate with interpreters from a different community. They will not open up to the challenges they experience. It is probable that they will not be willing to point out their issues to individuals they are not familiar with.

Strategies to improve professional communication and cultural awareness


Staff will receive training on the importance of cultural integration. They will be trained on how to interact effectively with diverse individuals. Staff will be informed of the major cross-cultural differences they should consider when handling these patients. For example, they will be trained on the differences in verbal expressiveness when communicating about the client’s concerns, differences in culture-specific intervention strategies, and differences in the intervention approach that is preferred.

I would encourage the staff to develop their working relationships by working with community-based organizations and extending their horizons once they establish their bearings. They will be required to identify and understand the needs of their diverse clients. The staff will be required to reach out to community-based organizations that are well-known to the target population. Staff will need to assess the training required by minority groups to aid in the case studies. A contact person will be identified to assist several staff in creating rapport with clients from diverse backgrounds.

I would request the staff to conduct regular evaluations of ‘inclusivity’ in pedagogic practice in order to embed minority groups’ perceptions. They will be able to learn the significance of minorities ‘inclusivity in social work education and become enriched with the anticipated challenges they might encounter when dealing with diverse cultures (Tedam, 2019). Further, they will be trained on the social injustices experienced by minorities to comprehend further the various social justice issues confronting these particular groups that will contribute to the development of various types of interventions.

During community assessments, staff will be required to interact with individuals from minority groups to improve their skillfulness on how to handle such clients. Through these assessments, the staff will be expected to gain good communication skills and experience. 

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