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Importance of Music in Society | College Paper Writing Help

Music form an essential part of human functions. Through human existence and connections, the interaction with sound is unavoidable. Humans have the immense desire to either make music or derive pleasure from it. Music serves various purposes in the society, as individuals listen to music for different reasons including emotional response, for entertainment and educational purposes. Increased excitement of the music experience is generated by either listening to music or attending musical events and concerts. As evident in the paper, there is a unique role of music in society.

Among the various roles of music in the society include that it enhances emotional response among the listeners. In essence, music is not only pleasing to the ears but also creates an emotional response among the listeners (Fairchild & Marshall, 2019). The various tones and the varying intonations in music is responsible for creating multiple moods among the listeners. Through music, it is possible to raise the moods of individuals. Music also creates a feeling of excitement in individuals, in addition to creating a relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, individuals encounter distinct emotions through musical experiences.

Arguably, music opens a new world of experiences among the listeners. It functions by enhancing the mind, expressions, and the physical coordination of the listeners and the performers. Music performance is essential in enabling the performers to get away from their daily activities and routines and explore the various possibilities and talents they possess (Fairchild & Marshall, 2019). The musicians also have the advantage of benefitting from the music by earning from the compositions they create.

In societal settings, students also benefit immensely through music. Learning institutional and other sources of non-formal education utilize music in the delivery of knowledge to the students.  Knowledge of various values and life skills is passed to students through the use of music to enhance their minds and reasoning abilities. Also, for students learning music in schools, it creates the ability to develop critical hearing when determining ways of rehearsing, analyzing, and critiquing musical performances. It also enhances social skills among the students who may have to interact with other students in their music lessons. The skills developed in the process of learning music are essential in the development of their music career. Music teachings can also be applied in the day to day life experiences.

Listening to music has impacted my life in various ways. Other than just appreciating the soothing and entertaining effects created by music, it has also been a source of important lessons and life skills. Most of the music that I listen to is educational, and one that relates to life. Through the musical content, relevant social values and norms are communicated. The result is that through music, I have been able to learn and develop various values that guide human interactions. Listening to music from other cultures has also been significant in enabling me to increase the scope of knowledge that I have regarding different cultures. Learning of various cultures through the music is mainly facilitated by the fact that music is a tool used by distinct races to express various elements of the culture, including their cultural beliefs, practices, values, and norms. Listening to music from various cultures consequently provide the initial stage of learning of the different aspect of varying cultures.

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