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Importance of Epidemiological Data in Health Practices Assignment

The availability and use of epidemiological data plays an integral role in influencing changes in health practices. Health care practices are informed by the analysis of epidemiological data that is used to streamline and align health solutions to a particular health problem (Fairchild et al., 2018). This emphasizes on the use of data to inform decisions and strategies utilized in health practices. For instance, when dealing with epidemic outbreaks posing a potential to spread to the community level, the utilization of epidemiological data is fundamental to determine the most effective health care practices and crucial changes to mitigate the problem. Epidemiological data provides an analysis of the target population, affected individuals and their health fighting capacity, age, race, region, among other demographic characteristics.

As a result, the best health care practices and subsequent changes can be effectively implemented to ascertain the eradication of the disease. Also, the data informs health care needs and resource requirement prompting efficient resource allocation. Such constitute of health care personnel, finances, materials and equipment, among others. The use of epidemiological data streamlines the health practices to meet the specific health needs (Gulis & Fujino, 2015). For example, in the implementation of evidence-based control measures the use of epidemiologic data is vital to inform the best practices that ascertain the protection of the public’s health safety.

Moreover, epidemiologic data streamlines the intervention measures applied to advance health care through the adoption of the best practices. Such as, the training needs and improvement of professional capacity to provide the best health care practices. The level of accuracy and efficiency is enhanced through the use of evidence-based data. Furthermore, health care changes are best when based on crucial data that is evidence-based.


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