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Implementing a New Documentation System: Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal

The interdisciplinary plan proposal comprises of further developments towards the implementation of a new documentation system in a healthcare organization. The implementation of a new documentation system is vital to enable nurses have easier time recording, filing, storing, sharing, and accessing patients’ health data. The new system is designed to save on time for retrieval of patients’ health data, remove the cumbersomeness of going through the manual filing system, and save on costs of buying paper. The transition to a new documentation system is vital to increase operational efficiency and quality of nurses offered in the healthcare organization. Therefore, the assessment of interdisciplinary planning proposal is vital to improve the implementation of the new system enabling the healthcare organization achieve its objectives.

Strategies for Managing Human and Financial Resources

The strategies for managing the human and financial resources form a fundamental feature towards successful implementation of the project. The utilization of effective strategies applied in the management of human resources impacts directly to the success of the project (Moss, Seifert & O’Sulivan, 2016). There are various approaches that can increase the efficiency of the management of human resources outlined in the interdisciplinary plan. Three key strategies can be effective in the implementation of the new documentation system. First, hiring and selection strategy utilized in acquiring the necessary and skilled workforce to join the team. The approach ascertains that the selected team members are highly competent and capable (Green & Johnson, 2015). Second, training and development strategy that enables the organization to build and nurture key skills essential for the interdisciplinary plan implementation. Third, performance appraisal enables the organization determine whether the selected team meets the required performance capacity and realization of the organization’s objectives (Moss et al., 2016).

The strategies utilized in the management of financial resources consists of a budget that is specifically designed to enable the implementation of the project. The budget provides the project’s budgetary allocation based on the needs and requirements at different stages (Al Adresi & Darun, 2017). For example, the human resource management total costs ensuring that the team remains motivated through high compensation and offering of good terms and conditions. Purchase of required materials and project costing throughout the implementation process. Hence, it ascertains that the project remains on course and within budget.

Use of Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Achieve Desired Patient and Systems Outcomes and Collaboration Needed

The application of interdisciplinary collaboration is vitals towards the realization of the expected outcomes informing the need for the implementation of the project. the interdisciplinary collaboration brings different experts and teams together enhancing the capacity of the realization of the set objectives. This can be attained through reduction of medical errors which is achieved by creating a centralized system. The system enables comparison of data and information from different disciplines all working towards the improvement of patient outcomes (Boon, Eckardt, Lepak & Boselie, 2018). The use of a special identification key is fundamental to ensure that the patient data remains unique across the system in different disciplines. Therefore, the outcomes of the system and desired patient outcomes are maintained at a specified point. That is, the special identifier key ensures that patient data across disciplines does not get mixed up.

Impact of Change Management Theories and Leadership Strategies

The most efficient change management theory that can facilitate the realization of expected outcomes in the implementation of the new documentation system through an interdisciplinary approach entails McKinsey 7S model. The McKinsey 7S change management model provides for the assessment of the strategy which identifies the gap, assessment and approval of the proposed strategies (Maru, 2015). This ascertains that the interdisciplinary team remains on board and owns the entire change process. The assessment of the structure requires the team to identify the needs to improve different disciplines and how they can collaboratively increase their productivity. The evaluation of the existing system as compared to the new system is essential to determine the course to follow (Gókdeniz, Kartal & Kómúrcú, 2017). The examination and recording of shared values enables the interdisciplinary teams to function together towards the realization of a common objective. These include company values and culture and their impact on the team’s values and functionality. The style in which change is implemented in the organization and how the staff conduct themselves are key components of McKinsey’s 7-S model (Libenth, 2017). This helps determine the key skills and competences that align with the organization’s functionalities in the change process.


Therefore, the application of transformation leadership strategy is essential to guiding the interdisciplinary teams in working collaboratively towards the achievement of the desired objectives. The transformational leadership strategy enables the team to work towards a common vision, believe and own the organization’s strategic objectives, and become part of the problem. Also, the approach motivates the interdisciplinary teams to become part of the solution in which the organization requires to enhance its competitiveness. Therefore, the transformational leadership strategy provides a clear mechanism in which the interdisciplinary teams are brought closer to the organization and focus on enabling the organization achieve its objectives.

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