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Implementation of the Problem Management Framework Paper

For the case of Marty, the first step would be to ensure that safe space for disclosing how he feels about the past happenings is provided. This would aid in ensuring that he unveils all information he has been afraid of talking about, where ultimately he will feel the safety, pride, and authenticity. This will also help in doing away with fear and working towards moving to the next step of therapy (Egan & Reese, 2019). The first step is the major key move into recovery in that it would help the client state what he feels is wrong, highlight his expectations after the session and also express his emotions, which will ultimately help in developing sustainable solutions that will help him in his case (Ricks, Kitchens, Goodrich, & Hancock, 2014). Understanding oneself, and the likely problem faced would be a major step towards finding a solution.

The second step would be to help Marty to understand the magnitude of the problem he is facing and then discuss he feels this problem should be managed. Marty will need to answer questions regarding what he thinks needs and the type of change he may wish for to help solve the bullying situation (Davey & Seay, 2010). This would greatly help in the third stage which would involve planning about the future.

Given that the boy is ten years old, the first plan for the future would involve including the parents and authorities. The third step would hence include ensuring that the boy and his family are protected against the bullies who had threatened him and his little sister. The boy will also need to undergo post-trauma counseling to help him in establishing sustainable solutions to the situation he may be in (Lopez, Floyd, Ulven, & Snyder, 2000).  Finally, there will be  a need for  collaborating with relevant stakeholders such as law enforcement since this could aid in making them feel secure.

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