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In the implementation journal, the focus intention comprises of cutting my weight with at least 8 kilograms in 14 days. The goal to reduce weight is a fundamental health objective. The capacity to maintain good health is essential for healthy living standards and reduction of health issues bound to cause problems in an individual. My objective is prompted by the desire to keep fit and sustain a healthy living lifestyle. The activities below articulate ways designed to facilitate the realization of the set objective. Hence, every approach has been specifically designed to aid in the realization of the overall objective of weight loss and improvement of health standards.

Start – 2/22: The date marks the onset of a rigorous program that is bound to enable the reduction of weight. This articulates the identification of possible approaches to follow and maintain as essential ways in which weight loss can be sustained. The start of the program will be characterized by two major aspects; (i) change of diet and consumption behavior, and (ii) engagement in rigorous exercise activities to keep physically fit.

2/23: Primarily, the day will comprise of selection of healthy foods that can be consumed in order to achieve the objective of weight loss. At this point, there will be a crucial decision to cut consumption of animal and daily products while increasing leafy vegetables, cereals, and fruits. The change of diet in the next few weeks will feature foods rich in nutritional contents such as vitamins, proteins, calcium, among other nutrients essential to the body. To this point, sticking to the plan has been highly effective.

2/24: At this date, the identification of key activities to engage in will be crucial to aid in the realization of the set objective. Physical exercises such as aerobics, swimming, and playing soccer will create a substantial opportunity to keep the body muscles active.

2/25: At this point, a combination of healthy eating and exercising lifestyle has been adopted. The implementation plan is on course coupled with zeal and committed to achieve the set objective. The plan remains on course and showing substantial gains such as a loss of two kilograms.

2/26: As days progress, potential challenges begin to develop creating an impediment towards the realization of the weight loss objective. For example, if the waiting period is too long and results are not realized immediately to keep the spirits high, then there is a likelihood of backsliding to the normal habits. Such include consumption of fast foods such as hamburger, pizza, donuts, and carbonated drinks such as sodas and juice.

2/27: Building the capacity to overcome the growing challenge is critical at this point to ensure the objective remains on course. At this point, the capacity to remain on course is facilitated by getting someone to help in the process. That is, having someone who care about you prepare the healthy meals that you require and remind the importance of physical exercises.

2/28: Adjustments to mitigate sugar consumption are made as a key component of enabling the realization of weight loss objective. This is guided by the fact that, if sugar consumption continues, then it will erode any substantial gains made from the change of lifestyle behavior. Hence, it is critical to ensure any adverse effect is mitigated adequately.

3/1: Additional cues will be engaged to ensure the mind and body are committed to the course. A check of the progress made will be integral to motivate the continuation of the process.

3/2: As the end nears, additional zeal will be critical to intensify the nature and context of the physical exercises. Hence, increase the chances of weight loss.

End – 3/3: This marks the end of the implementation intention which is characterized by the assessment of the realization of the objective. At this point, various assessments will be conducted including weight, BMI, blood sugars, among other necessary tests. The fitness of the body will be a major indication of the realization of the set objective. The process of weight loss requires profound commitment and zeal to achieve the stated aim. The results will be analyzed based on the quality of the activities and quantity to which they can be implemented. To ascertain the realization of the set objectives it is essential to ensure continuous motivation towards the objective. Hence, the realization of weight loss is guaranteed within a short time span. Despite having several challenges and impediments along the way, the exercise has been interesting and promising. This shows the value of resilience, commitment, and focus towards realization of a certain objective.

Summary: Activities in each day are crucial to maintaining the progress of the implementation journal. Discrepancies in the implementation of the plan are adequately addressed and improved as need arise. Thus, maintains a steady course of pursuing the objective.

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