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Illegal Immigrants in Texas | Professional Writing Services

The term “Latino” is used in reference to a populace that shares a mutual heritage that includes a dialect. The phrases should not be utilized to refer to individuals of a common ethnic group or lineage. According to Menchaca (2011), Latinos account for the biggest developing marginal group based in the US.  Various conceptions such as race and identity are diverse and intricate for Latinos.  In recent years, the subject of illegal migrants is considered an intense discussion not just in Texas but also in the entire nation. A majority of individuals flee their nations, intending to search for green pastures. Because there exist stringent controls based on the number of people that access the country, most people use every mode to gain access, including prohibited methods.

Personal Thoughts

Being an immigrant consists of various pros. Foremost, the immigrants are known to offer cheap labor. Immigrants are known not to be selective based on the jobs assigned. Furthermore, a majority are not experts and therefore being used as cheap labor in the republic.  Secondly, they boost the economy. There exist numerous techniques that illegal migrants offer a much-needed boost to the country’s economy (Landgrave & Nowrasteh, 2018). For instance, immigrants remit taxes through excise duties on the items purchased. Also, they barely select the vicinities that they have resided in. In most instances, they live in areas where others may not be ready therefore providing the homeowner with cash in rent payment.

However, there are various cons of immigration to the state. Foremost, the crime rate becomes high. Unlawful immigrants are more likely to commit wrongdoings in a foreign country. In case one is unsuccessful in securing a job, they may resort to every mode of meeting their basic requirements. Therefore, leading to an escalation in the rate of crime.  They also perpetrate crimes devoid of fear because they believe that they can evade justice by returning to their nation of origin.  Secondly, social amenities are overstretched. As the migrants’ population surges, they pile pressure on social amenities as they were not considered during the planning and construction.


Illegal migration bears a host of affirmative impacts on the state of Texas.  As the populace keeps growing rapidly, the populace’s social and cultural setting may bear serious effects on Latinos originating from Mexico. While proprietors might relish the element of cheap labor, the native workers might have an undesirable impact attributed to competition from the migrants. Furthermore, there exists an increasing probability of hostility between the inhabitants and the migrants as they compete for the existing prospects. This will derail the states and, in general, the country’s economy.

Curtailing the Path

Unlawful migration should be regulated to guarantee that only individuals that adhere to the right procedures can gain entry to the state. The State government should incorporate various measures to guarantee the surge in numbers reduces. Foremost, guaranteeing that proprietors are law-abiding during the process of hiring. Based on they entail the illegal migrants or the residents, the salaries should be coherent. In this case, the proprietors may not find it suitable to hire an unlawful migrant as there will be no disparity. Furthermore, penalizing employers that engage people with proper documents will dishearten their engagement. The migrants may then find it challenging to access job opportunities and may not be eager to enter the state.

Role of the Federal Government

Based on the concept of sanctuary cities, it is inapt and insensitive for the government to extradite all immigrants and build the Mexican wall. The deed is insensitive, and faults have already occurred. Nevertheless, the federal administration may enact laws that will dispirit illegal migration. These regulations may target proprietors along with sealing the paths used while gaining access to the nation.  These actions would check the number of migrants into the nation so that managing resources and job creation becomes easy.


Latinos are persons known to share a distinctive tradition, for instance, the dialect.  They do not have to have similar lineages essentially. Nonetheless, Latinos are heterogeneous from a socio-economic standpoint. Approximately more than half of the Latino populace in the United States acknowledges having been exposed to discrepancy because of racial identity and illegal migration. Persons and community in general bear stereotypes concerning Latinos. They are negatively perceived as immigrants that are impoverished and uninformed.

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