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“If Men Could Menstruate” Essay | Get Homework Help

Justifying authority is evident in an event where a superior gender aims at explaining itself in whatever the inferior gender utilizes in defending its plight.  “What would happen if men started experiencing menstruation cycles and women could not?” I trust the question the posed is meant to be an affront towards men. With the notion in mind, men were born and raised to be more superior to women, so no woman should suppress a man. In the 21st century, the world is dominated by men, and it would be considered unfair to women since the menstrual cycle distinguishes a woman from man.

However, at a certain point, I believed that the menstrual cycle was only based on the physical aspect, but I was wrong. My thorough understanding regarding this aspect is that the body tends to discard the womb linings during the menstrual cycle. During the cycle, the discarded linings are released from the lower part of the womb and discharged from a woman’s private parts. In this case, men would have to acquire pads or tampons, as well as the reproduction aspect, which would be impossible. There is a likelihood that the government would establish a movement, constitute a holiday, or get days off while being paid to commemorate the beginning of men’s menstruation cycle.

The society believes that women have an opportunity to target a high level of success but should not be much. Women can have great aspirations but may have certain levels of restrictions to prevent them from outshining men. Boys are taught to be important people in society, but the same case fails to apply to the opposite gender. However, society instills the teachings of marriage, bearing kids, and taking care of the family. Therefore, taking away the menstrual cycle from women makes them less feminine as they won’t be able to bear kids, and men will end up a having total domination over women as the world is male-dominated.

According to Steinem, “how would women be trained to react?” (152). Every woman would be taught the aspect of obedience and pleasure towards men. If women experience their menstruation cycles, a majority of men fail to give attention to the women, and most would have certain aspects of exhibiting a different kind of attitude as a result of the hormonal reactions. However, it is women who have the authority to make decisions on whether to engage in intimacy or not. If compared to men experiencing menstruation, they would also exhibit certain aspects such as a craving for attention and having the urge to stay alone just as women do. In addition, only male gynecologists can comprehend the kind of challenges that every woman undergoes during the period of menstruation. Therefore, it is difficult for a man to understand their partner’s challenges during the cycle.

It is hard to start imagining if men started experiencing the menstruation cycle since men were created with different parts of the body. The male species is perceived to be strong compared to the opposite sex, and having men experience the same as women go through would make them weak. However, if men were to experience painful experiences during the menses, demand affection, and being stuck in bed while wishing away the pain, the world would change immensely.

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