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Identity Theft Essay | Best Assignment Helpers

Identity theft is among the fastest rising crimes in the U.S linked to illegal and legal immigrants. Identity theft entails the crime of acquiring the personal information of others and using their identity to commit fraud (Neumann, 2018). Identity theft is committed in different ways, which leaves the victim with damage to their reputation. This is because once identity thieves have gained the information, they look for how they can ruin a person’s standing. The identity thief can use the information to file taxes, apply for credit and get medical care. These acts have damaged the credit status and cost time and money to restore a good reputation. On other occasions, imposters offer false identification to law enforcement agencies, creating a felonious record and exceptional arrest permits for the person whose identity is stolen.

Being a victim of identity theft means one lives with consequences and the need to clean up the mess. For instance, one spends more than months trying to resolve credit, financial, and crime identity problems. The financial hardships linker to identity theft can last for years after personal information is stolen. Crime identity theft leads to a faceless crime that triggers emotional reactions (Neumann, 2018). When someone steals an identity and commits a crime, it directly harms reputation, which leads to long-term emotions. One tends to feel stressed and experiences panic attacks, sleep problems, and feelings of being violated due to stolen identities.

A Large scale black market for legal documents for illegal immigrants in the United States has been on the rise. Document fraud has increased after documentation became necessary for legal and illegal immigrants (Neumann, 2018). Ideally, since working is the main reason for immigration, black market identity documents have increased. Therefore, this is where identity theft comes in. Illegal immigrants have purchased or stolen the identity of another person and committed a felony. Identity theft among immigrants has made it hard for natives to argue that one is legal bidding.

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