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Identity Short Film Review | Get Homework Help Online

The theme of the short film is how people view identity (Adames 2012). The filmmaker intended to showcase the different ways that people identify themselves. Identity is presented in the short film as a mask that people wear. The filmmaker tries to show how people change or acquire their different identities based on their environment and those around them. The actors in the film showcase how one’s identity is an accumulation of their interactions and the people that they associate with. The masks that they wear are a representation of their identities.

The characters in the short film are used to portray the construct of identity and how it is influenced by interactions. The school and classroom settings provide an environment where the characters can learn and build their identity and character. The switching of masks depicts how one can be a particular person when associating with a certain group of people and a different person when associating with others. The wearing of many masks shows how one’s identity is a culmination of the different personalities that they take. The plot and the use of masks are very effective in conveying the intended message to the audience.

The short film was definitely worth the effort of the actors and the filmmaker. It effectively conveys the intended message, showing the different identities that people take when with their friends, when around strangers, when with family, and when alone. Issues such as how people view beauty and popularity are portrayed artistically, and the filmmaker effectively passes the message of living one’s truth to the audience.

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