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Question #1: Idea Working Environment Fiedler

Based on Fiedler’s perspective, the most favorable working environment that would be considered for Alindais one that establishes a conducive workplace. That is, the most favorable environment is directed by the situation that the employees need to work cooperatively, collaborate, and coordinate in the completion of their activities. This must be ascertained through creation of trust, concern for one another, need to be your brother’s (sister’s) keeper, and overall general good working relationship among the among the employees and their leaders. The leader’s role assumed by Alinda in this scenario facilitates the creation of a conducive environment where employees respect and maintain good relations in the workplace. This is fundamental to ascertain that employees work effectively towards the completion of the tasks. Respective achievements reflect in the overall production of the entire workplace. Therefore, it is critical for all employees to maintain a conducive environmental that enables the realization of the overall performance.

In the cases pf Bill, the ideal Fiedler’s work environment maintains that the employees function to achieve the highest results in their tasks. This requires leaders to instill discipline, values, commitment, and determination towards high performance. Also, it is crucial for the work environment to establish a leader who can clearly and authoritatively outline a clear vision and articulate the vision’s objectives to the employees. This requires establishment of a vibrant tasks and responsibilities aimed at attaining strategic objectives. For example, a leader must establishment an environment in which employees compete to be the best in executing and accomplishing their tasks. As a task-oriented approach, leaders are more focused in guiding the employees through attaining their tasks and objectives in the workplace than their welfare. Therefore, it culminates in creation of an environment that maintains a flawless work place.

Question #2: Total Quality Management Propositions

The three main propositions or principles of the Total Quality Management (TQM) comprise of (i) Employee involvement, (ii) Customer satisfaction, and (iii) Continuous improvements in quality.

  • Employee involvement: This comprises of engaging the employees in key decisions of an organization. Employee involvement establishes an environment in which employees feel as an important part of the organization. This entails attaining of suggestions, ideas, and views from the employees. As a result, employees become the owners of the changes and strategic objectives pursued in the organization. Therefore, the pursuit of strategic objectives and changes in the organization are articulately implemented with minimal resistance and the employees are the initiators.
  • Customer satisfaction: This comprises of ascertaining that customers are guaranteed of satisfaction with every product that is introduced into the market. The values presented in this principle entail extensive research to understand what customers need from a new product or improvement of an existing product. The strategy requires that customers become part of the guiding feature that facilitates the creation of the policies. For example, in healthcare facilities, customer satisfaction is a driving factors that should inform policy formulation and implementation research. In Apple Inc., customer satisfaction is driving feature in that the company aims at meeting customer needs and ascertain customer satisfaction with every new product. Therefore, serve as a key ingredient to help the company maintain market leadership position.
  • Continuous improvements in quality: This entails that with every production, there is guaranteed improvement in quality and standard of the company’s products. For example, Apple Inc., products have retained the status of continuous improvement in quality and standard of every product they introduce into the market. The continuous improvement of quality is informed by changing customer needs, behavior, and expectations. Thus, this is vital to enabling an organization maintain market leadership capacity.

Question #3: Effects of COVID-19

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has had extensive effects on my education over the past one year and a half. The implementation of the COVID-19 responsive measures indicates the pursuit of bounded rationality approaches as they aim to achieve satisfactory solutions rather than implementing an optimal one. That is, for example, at first, following the initial outbreak of COVID-19 world-over implemented measures such as lockdowns, curfews, and partial shutdowns of various regions in different parts of the country. Schools were immediately following the fear of further spreading the virus among the students leading to wastage of crucial time. While the rate of spreading of the coronavirus in the community was minimal at the community in the first level of the global outbreak, the current situation which has seen schools resume operations has extensive spread and likelihood of infecting a higher number of students at the community level. The initial steps and responsive measures can be described as bounded rationality measures implemented in the indefinite closing of schools to mitigate the fear that came with the outbreak of COVID-19. This posits that the minimum requirement of helping curb the spreading of the virus was through the implementation of such measures. As a result, this proves to take a satisficing course of action as it is primarily driven by the need to slowdown the spreading of the coronavirus into the community. Thus, prompting a stagnation in the completion of my classes and coursework despite the transition to e-learning.

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