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Humanities Discussion Questions Answers | Best Homework Helpers

Personal Growth

Humanities are considered a critical field, with extensive knowledge applicable to arts, culture, and history. The humanities are vital in assisting us to develop as it is the exploration of these subjects that permits us to discover ourselves, our personalities and our universe. Humanities help in triggering creativity. It would be much easier to learn common ground with individuals from diverse backgrounds if you can better comprehend overseas cultures and dialects. This is visibly more essential as globalisation becomes widespread, as cultures and ethics unite and the populace’s cultures become more and more comparable. Β The humanities provide an opportunity to have a different perspective of the universe and have a clear understanding of reality.

The human touch is not just considered vital to an individual’s individual development essential to our personal growth, but it is similarly crucial in today’s world regarding career development. The humanities do not just assist me in discovering my identity but would also assist in becoming practical and rational in solving impending challenges. It allows one to make pronouncements founded on logic instead of emotions. It will enable you to identify with an individual I may appear to disagree with and compel me to examine my opinions. There are no improved means of discovering oneself than exposing ourselves to various aspects, for instance, philosophy, faith and history. The themes are considered as the foundation for humanities. Humanities and sciences are equally applicable in discovering the universe and the people surrounding us, irrespective of being set in opposition.

Reflect On the Value of the Humanities

From an individual perspective, the humanities provide practice and training applicable to cultivate success in other numerous fields. The humanities aid an individual in becoming well-rounded and capable of adapting to diverse circumstances, not only be tied to a rigid set of principles or norms. The Humanities invites honesty and provides an opportunity to express one’s ideas freely. Towards the end of the course, I comprehended that Humanities is an undervalued topic and should be encompassed in STEM (STEAM). When contemplating on the discussions in week 7.1 on “The Value of a Liberal Arts Education in Today’s Global Marketplace”, it provides the most acceptable argument for the humanities, and its addition is the assortment of the liberal arts education that would aid in solving challenges proficiently and amenably as compared to when it is not included.

By studying humanities, an individual is provided with the chance of being in a great position to comprehend and confront the intricate moral concerns, identify others and oneself, and the convolutions and complexities of humankind. Humanities fortify a person’s ability to work and communicate with other individuals and similarly aids in understanding the effect that STEM may have in the community and scientific requirements (Strauss, 2017). STEM may not be considered adequate on its own, nor is humanities. STEM, pooled with humanities, is what drives us forward and produces positive outcomes as experiments and facts might only matter when they are linked to the universe we reside in, dream, flourish, and envisage, and life’s experiences necessitate a lot more than only details. Generally, the reality is, humanities shed light on the massive effect science had in the previous years in influencing society and the quality of individuals’ lives, both destructively and affirmatively.

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