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Human trafficking, often referred to as modern-day slavery, is the fastest-growing organized criminal industry worldwide. The US State Department estimates there are 24.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide. Human trafficking is the act of recruiting, and selling individuals into forced labor or commercial sex acts through force, fraud, or coercion (Zimmerman and Kiss, 2017). The most common types of human trafficking include sexual slavery and forced labor. Sex slavery predominantly affects women and children where it takes various forms such as forced prostitution, child sex rings, and pornography. The two most common types of labor slavery include; debt bondage and contract slavery. Debt bondages occur where individuals are enslaved for unpaid debts, while contract slavery is presented through deceptive employment terms. Forced labor is prevalent in children sold to work in plantations such as Chocolate farms and mines worldwide to recoup their sale value.

Human trafficking has severe physical and psychological effects on survivors. Survivors require urgent medical care for injuries due to sexual abuse and reproductive health needs, including abortion for unplanned pregnancies resulting from rape. They also need shelter and access to legal representation against perpetrators. The solution to curbing human trafficking stems from the underlying causes of the trade. The economic, social, and political causes of human trafficking include poverty, lack of employment, wars, and political dissent. Trafficking is a transnational crime as most victims originate from South East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa; thus, governments worldwide should take measures to curb the vice domestically while cooperating with other nations (Zimmerman and Kiss, 2017). In the US, the federal agencies given oversight over human trafficking include the Department of Justice and Homeland Security, responsible for curbing individuals’ entry into the country.



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