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Human Service Leadership in Context | Do My Paper

How does the current political and economic climate impact human service delivery practices and programs?

Human service delivery practices and programs are mainly influenced by the existing political and economic climate. According to Lewis (2016), political and bureaucratic urgencies along with politically sensitive obligatory alterations leave many workers with a sense of minimal control over their duties. A combination of extremely challenging and complex caseloads makes it challenging for personnel to function in a way deemed coherent with their standards, requirements, and objectives towards service delivery. Nonetheless, other numerous precise workplace aspects may bear a detrimental effect on an individual’s work experiences. As a result, it aggravates the pressure, leading to reduced dedication and motivation in service delivery. Other aspects that result in added stress levels towards the workforce include financial restraints and limited resources. Since most employees execute their mandates in situations deemed to be volatile, financially constrained, and where policies are prioritized over service delivery, the duration needed for effective and quality interventions with consumers is certainly compromised.

How does the introduction of performance measurement systems and outcome measurement analytics impact human service delivery?

According to Smith and Bititci (2017), performance measurements involve collecting, assessing, and reporting facts regarding the performance of individuals, systems, or corporations. The introduction of performance measurement frameworks and outcome measurement analytics have, over the years, had a significant impact on human service delivery. Performance measurement frameworks have characteristically encouraged principled leadership practices, whereas outcome measurement analytics encourages efficient decision-making practices in human service not-for-profit corporations. Performance measurement systems offer intelligence for decision-makers, not only compilation of data. According to Endrikat Guenther and Titus (2020), performance measurement frameworks guarantee that nonprofit corporations accomplish their distinct mission to impact human service delivery by employing strategic goals, effectively employing the mission declaration as the guiding element. Moreover, outcome measurement analytics significantly impact human service delivery as it affects an organization’s capability to provide efficient public service. Each organization requires a distinctive and consistent performance measurement structure that is comprehended at every level of the corporation and that supports goals and the gathering of results.

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