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Human Biological Diversity Essay | Homework Help Online

The theory of evolution has been used to explain the origin of humanity by considering various transformations in human race that have taken place across the extended period. Charles Darwin developed the concept of natural selection to explain the survival of living organisms in the jungle by facing adverse challenges such as drought and famine, among others. In this regard, the strongest organisms overpower the rest by claiming the natural resources that facilitate survival. Likewise, the weaker organisms are eliminated from the ecosystem because of their inability to survive in a competitive environment. From this realization, the author has used Darwin’s concept in the article to highlight the various aspects that affect growth and development of any organism in the contemporary world. Humanity exposes individuals to a diverse perspective towards life because of its ability to incorporate values to gain various benefits in the world. While there are different approaches that can be used to survive in a competitive environment, the author highlights natural selection as the cause of diversity in the contemporary society.

Human Diversity

In many instances, individuals are grouped according to their cultural backgrounds that define their identity when interacting with other people. Importantly, the classification is based on the shared concepts used to differentiate an individual from another. In this regard, aspects such as skin color play a critical role that enables people to differentiate between two individuals in the world today. In this article, the author explores skin color from a broad perspective so that the reader can discover useful information. For instance, melanin is portrayed as an essential factor that determines skin color across the human population. From this realization, individuals with a high melanin content are settled along the tropics such as the Tropic of Cancer, where they could survive the adverse weather conditions. Thus, migrations in history depended upon the ability of people to adapt to the changing environment before they settled in a place where they could survive. Procreation was realized only after the early human population identified suitable areas to live without encountering any threats from the external environment.

Explaining Skin Color

The geographic distribution of population based on skin color depends on their melanin content that enabled them to overcome adverse weather conditions along the tropics. Therefore, migrations were also influenced by different weather conditions that could affect people’s lifestyles. Today, instances of sunburns have been frequent, especially when people move to cold or hot places with extreme weather conditions. While technology has increased the adaptability of individuals in these extreme conditions, people in the medieval world were exposed to real-time threats; this was before they could make viable decisions to safeguard themselves and their subsequent generations from extinction. In this study, the author explores the advantages of melanin and its ability to complement the body to survive harsh weather conditions that threaten human existence. Notably, melanin acts as a natural sunscreen because of its ability to regulate the heat exposure that affects the body. While light-skinned people have to use umbrellas or sunscreen lotions to protect themselves, their dark-skinned counterparts survive easily, an aspect that increases their survival rate.

Sunlight is a precursor of Vitamin D, which strengthens the bones and teeth. Additional research on Vitamin D indicates that it can protect the body against acquiring lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and cancer. However, this belief has compelled medical practitioners to suggest an exposure of the newly born children to sunlight. But a mere exposure to sunlight is not enough, as a deficiency can still occur and hinder the health of an individual. Foods such as fish, egg yolks, cheese, and mushrooms, among others, are natural source of the Vitamin D; these foods complement the sunlight in strengthening the bones. In an exciting twist of events, the author also explores critical approaches that enable individuals to discover their potential and overcome challenges that hinder them from realizing their health potential. Therefore, understanding the role of melanin in the body enhances people’s cognitive skills concerning the topic.

Lactose Intolerance

Addressing the numerous challenges associated with food consumption, such as lactose intolerance, presents an exciting discourse that highlights the reactions of the body to different food products. Many people are allergic to milk but do not experience any problems consuming any meat products, which makes the conversation on intolerance confusing. There is a section of the world’s population which reacts negatively to milk and its products; an individual cannot consume milk and milk products because of an inability of his/her body to process them. Thus, they cannot have such food products in their diet to achieve their optimum health potential.

Among different approaches to survive in a competitive environment, the author chooses to discuss natural selection as the cause of diversity in contemporary society. Importantly, human existence is influenced by a wide range of values that range from natural selection to biological adaptation. Thus, individuals react differently to various food products because of the inability of their bodies to handle the consequences associated with food consumption. While the world has advanced, one can note the milestones that have been achieved to support human survival as opposed to medieval society.

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