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How to Handle a Tyre Burst

When students enroll in a driving school to study the art of safely moving a vehicle from one destination to another, they are exposed to a series of road regulations and laws that govern their behavior while on the road. However, outcomes such as a tyre burst are among the unavoidable circumstances that emerge and expose the driver to a series of risks, which interfere with their ability to reach their preferred destination. I recently learned from a YouTube video that when a driver experiences a tyre burst, they should not panic. Instead, they can follow the steps discussed below.

Firstly, drivers should maintain a safe driving speed that allows them to control the moving vehicle incase of any issues that may occur during the process. For instance, a driver can survive a tyre burst when driving at a speed of 60km/h compared to 120km/h because of its devastating effects.

Secondly, avoid hard braking as it creates an imbalance that will end up toppling the vehicle.

Thirdly, do not decelerate abruptly but instead, embrace a slow and gradual approach that will eventually bring the moving vehicle into a stop.

Fourthly, maintain a constant directional maneuver tactic that does not direct the vehicle off the road. Ensuring that the vehicle is moving in a straight direction safeguards the driver and other road users.

Fifthly, you should not counter the movement of the steering as doing so might create an opposite force that will end up toppling the moving vehicle.

Lastly, use engine braking to stop the vehicle and bring it to a halt. However, this should be done gradually.

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