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How Masculinity is Portrayed in Action Movies | Assignment writers Website

Brown, Jeffrey A. “The Superhero Film Parody and Hegemonic Masculinity.” Quarterly Review of Film and Video33.2 (2016): 131-150.

Superheroes in live-action movies are capable of handling every difficult situation that comes their way. While they may experience a level of social awkwardness when interacting with their female counterparts, their ability to emerge victorious in every case captures the interest of individuals in their immediate environment. In this regard, the author explores the impact of the superhero narrative on the production of The Big Bang Theory, which is a Sit-Com (Situation Comedy). By analyzing the heavily male-dominated film, the author enables the readers to understand the impact of masculinity in the contemporary world. While the characters are humorous because of their unexpected social-awkwardness, the sitcom propels the concept of masculinity in modern society. From this realization, it is imperative to note that superhero films have always represented the concept of American masculinity over the years. For instance, many young people envision themselves as superheroes during their growth and development stage because of the widespread belief that upholds their abilities, which save society from bad things. At any given time, the superhero will always emerge the winner, a move that compels individuals to uphold their role during their interactions with other individuals in the community.

Carrier, Michael B. Men, and the Movies: Labor, Masculinity, and Shifting Gender Relations in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema. Diss. Ohio University, 2015.

The author generates an overview of how masculinity has been portrayed in films. The case study is based upon the narrative tactics utilized in the Hollywood films for patriarchal ideology preservation, especially regarding social gender relations. A considerable number of individuals including the white, middle class and heterosexual men have been left anxious regarding the possible cutback of patriarchy. The authors tend to emphasize the shared desire to enhance and encourage shared male privilege. This has also led to the need to promote increased co-existence among both genders through strategic gender relations since some structural threats exist among both sexes. Given the approach taken by modern film directors, the role of women has significantly improved in many action films, with female actors dominating the characters in many action films. While the sudden demand for equality in film roles has disrupted the industry, it should be noted that the outcomes of events have promoted awareness in the contemporary world. From this observation, it is evident that the world is fast evolving and is accommodating the diverse interests of individuals by introducing a balanced approach to the sharing of roles in the films. Thus, there is a need to consider the changing environment in the film industry to understand the various functions of individuals.

Giaccardi, Soraya, et al. “Media use and men’s risk behaviors: examining the role of masculinity ideology.” Sex Roles 77.9-10 (2017): 581-592.

Masculinity in film production is associated with the high-risk behaviors that define the approach of individuals towards life. In this case, the approach taken by film directors in the development of action movies is inspired by the needs of individuals and their ability to overcome a wide range of stressful situations in their immediate environment. Naturally, men are considered to be able-bodied and expected to protect women and their families. However, the contemporary world expects individuals to accommodate women who can perform similar tasks such as men, in the spirit of equality. From this realization, it is evident that the changing tact in film production is motivated by the changing needs of individuals in their immediate environment. While the world is fast evolving, media organizations contribute to the outcomes of events in their ability to expose men in roles that require actors to participate in high-risk behaviors. Notably, the decision by the media organizations influences the perspectives of individuals towards the part of male actors in action movies. Nonetheless, the influence of information technology in the contemporary world has considerably changed the outcomes of events and challenged individuals to accommodate the different views expressed by other people in their immediate environment.

Trice, Ashton D., and Samuel A. Holland. Heroes, Antiheroes, and Dolts: Portrayals of Masculinity in American Popular Films, 1921–1999. McFarland, 2017.

Initially, men were portrayed as heroes in all action movies while their female counterparts played minor roles that undermined their presence in the films. In this regard, the approach by film directors reflected the need to fulfill the interests of individuals and create an enabling environment that demonstrated the changing views held by consumers. Importantly, many roles in films attempted to represent the ability of men to take care of different situations that took place in their immediate environment. While the character exploration succeeded in its attempt to improve the perspectives of individuals towards the films, many individuals hoped for a time when the cast would incorporate the views of women. It is imperative to note that the representation of male role behavior in contemporary films can be traced from their involvement in the First and Second World War. However, there was a noticeable shift in the way film directors handled different films and their ability to incorporate female actors in a dominant role, a move that enabled individuals to view things differently. Today, many movies have had women dominate critical roles, representing the need to empower the female generation. Even as the conversation continues to attract mixed reactions, there is a need for the public to understand the impact of diversification on film production.

Zeglin, Robert J. “Portrayals of Masculinity in “Guy Movies” Exploring Viewer–Character Dissonance.” The Journal of Men’s Studies 24.1 (2016): 42-59.

Many films in the contemporary environment expose viewers to an unusual situation where the public is expected to develop a specific opinion regarding the characters in the action movies. Mainly, film directors’ approach various issues that affect the lifestyles of individuals in their immediate environment and expose them to a challenging environment that provokes their thought process. From this observation, it is imperative to note that masculinity in films represents the male identity and its impact on the outcomes of events in the contemporary world. Given the nature of events that take place in modern society, there is a need for individuals to understand the motivation behind the various activities that are embraced by the public. “Guy movies” as they are commonly called in the modern world display stereotypical masculinity that undermines the role of women in the community. By allowing the viewer to make an informed decision regarding the impact of men on their relationships with others, it is evident that the changing tides in the film industry may accommodate the different needs of individuals in their immediate environment. For this reason, modern film directors should help the different views held by various population groups in their attempts to create an even environment where individuals can pursue their career objectives.

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