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How Diversity of views transform American society | Essay Help

How did a diversity of views transform American society?

A variety of opinions can influence the course of events in life. Numerous situations transpire regularly in which people express their various perspectives on a subject. Taking into account the range of opinions can alter how certain things occur in our everyday lives. One person’s perspective can impact how others think about and interpret a specific problem or subject. Having a variety of viewpoints causes a shift in how people think and operate in a given circumstance. Because of the diversity of views, American society has evolved.

The current American society is diverse from the American culture of the preceding 100 years. Variations are seen in their perceptions toward way of life, faith, culture, and gender norms. The level of change has resulted in an unprecedented type of interaction of different people living in America. Gender equality concerns are one crucial subject that has evolved because of the range of thought. Historically, women were stigmatized in every part of the economy, and men were considered better than women (Jaquette 233). Several positions were retained for men, while women were delegated tasks mainly related to the home.

Anne Hutchinson used powerful language that compelled people to rethink their views of women. In her journal in the book ‘American Jezebel,’ Anne Hutchinson writes that she is “a lady of haughty and aggressiveness, a nimble wit and a very outspoken tongue (LaPlante 1).” She underscores that she is a person who will convey her point of view on any topic and would not be silenced by any man. The assertion was powerful enough to try and convince men who would consider suppressing women to change their position.

People go through a lot in life, and they must do many things, whether they want it to or not. Chores were classified into two parts: those conducted by our parents and those executed by the kids. Our parents would not permit us to take part in household tasks that they felt were only for grownups. The way ancient parents raised their children was comparable to the Stamp Act.  The Stamp Act was a form of policy that everybody had to live with, irrespective of how they felt about it. The only flaw in the rule is that the grownups thought it was so unjustified that they had to live with it. The grownups believed that the law was inequitable and was unable to participate in its creation. In what they deemed “Repeal the Stamp Act!” the government blocked the tax collectors. “As a city, we must stall the officials who try and collect this tax,” they said. We should convince them to step down! We can put an end to this unlawful act if we collaborate.” The colonists later realized that the tax was inequitable. As a result, the colonists overlooked their obligations in the city and requested that the Stamp Act be rescinded. The abolishment of the Stamp Act illustrates how different people’s points of view can impact progressive change.


Many people from various cultures have been a significant factor in America’s transition since the American Revolution. Individuals with diverse standpoints fight each day for change, which is why America is still shifting in terms of social concerns. Ethnic and racial interpretations are flexible and influenced heavily by how individuals see themselves and society’s general recognition.


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