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Housing and Homelessness in Niagara County | Assignment Paper Samples

Homelessness is a critical problem that affects people’s lifestyles because of their inability to accomplish numerous objectives in their surroundings. Many governments around the world encounter difficulties when planning for the interests of their citizens, a move that presents setbacks that interfere with the process of growth and development. At any given time, governments are supposed to develop viable programs that incorporate the changing needs of individuals and focus on the ability of individuals to overcome challenges in their immediate environment. Niagara County in New York is one of the regions affected by homelessness because of its inadequate housing solutions. However, the relevant authorities have developed policies that focus on handling homelessness by availing employment opportunities and subsidized housing to veterans and senior citizens in the community. From this realization, providing a detailed report to policymakers and the public on the best approaches that should be used to overcome these aspects provides a vital talking point where stakeholders can review the problem before developing viable solutions.

Literature Review

Understanding the causes of homelessness requires individuals to engage in research activities that seek to examine other aspects that might have an impact on the lifestyles of individuals. Importantly, homelessness is caused by a wide range of issues that range from unemployment to sickness, which hinder individuals from meeting their obligations and honoring their commitments with financial institutions (Johnson and Clint). Niagara region is characterized by variations in income and high levels of unemployment, which hinder individuals from surviving in their current homes. By observing the shocking levels of homelessness in Niagara County, it becomes easier for individuals to recognize the approaches that should be used to overcome challenges in their immediate environment. Therefore, creating an enabling environment where people can engage in healthy conversations concerning the risks of homelessness opens up opportunities that can lead to the development of viable housing solutions.

Homelessness is a persisted economic problem that hinders individuals from overcoming issues related to the growth and development of a country. Despite the approaches adopted by different countries, the issue continues to threaten the government’s ability to take care of its citizen’s welfare, among other aspects that contribute to the realization of various objectives (Leventhal). Based on the ineffectiveness of the U.S. to overcome homelessness across the country, scholars are developing numerous proposals that focus on improving existing solutions and introducing new ones. Between 2010 and 2014, the 100,000 homes campaign played a significant role in mitigating the housing issue and creating new options that would be explored by individuals during their interactions with other people in their surroundings.

The youthful stage is a difficult period that affects the perspectives of many young people towards life. During this age, individuals are always looking for opportunities that allow them to utilize the knowledge gained in class to advance themselves. Even though the unemployment levels in the U.S. are at a record high, it becomes challenging for many young people to engage in activities that focus on accomplishing their objectives (Luckawiecki et al.). Based on the approaches used by individuals to secure their living, it might be challenging for youths to start their lives while homeless. By allowing themselves to get comfortable in this condition, it becomes an issue for young people to progress and accomplish their desired career objectives.

Drawing insights from the events that took place during the Great Recession, the U.S. can become a model economy for the rest of the world because of its ability to regulate homelessness. During the Great Recession, housing is one of the aspects that contributed towards the economic quagmire that affected the economic growth of the U.S. and other countries affiliated to the country. Importantly, the housing market is a significant contributor and element of growth that focuses on the changing needs of individuals in their immediate environment (Faber 593). By informing the public about the approaches they can use to meet their basic needs, policymakers can develop solutions that address the contributors to homelessness. By creating an enabling environment where individuals can realize their desired objectives, it becomes easier for organizations to build employment opportunities for individuals.

When young people are exposed to problems associated with their elderly counterparts, it becomes impossible for a country to map its growth projections and develop solutions that focus on the implementation of issues affecting its performance. Importantly, individuals are supposed to create viable approaches that focus on the needs of individuals to accomplish their desired objectives (Morton et al. 17). By understanding the vulnerable nature of the young people and the impact of mistakes on their future lives, the government should intervene by creating programs that cushion the population group from challenges that can ruin their destiny. Tracking youth homelessness is one of the approaches the government can use to develop viable solutions that resonate with the people’s needs.

Conclusion and Future Research

Providing a detailed report to policymakers and the public on the best approaches that should be used to overcome these aspects provides a vital talking point where stakeholders can review the problem before developing viable solutions. From the research findings, it has become a challenge for the U.S. government among other countries to address issues such as youth homelessness, which demand different strategies to overcome their ineffectiveness. By overlooking the conventional approaches that were used by the previous governments to resolve the issue, there is a need to develop new strategies that resonate with the changing needs of the young people.

Even as the U.S. government develops new policies that focus on the need to challenge individuals, there is a need to overcome the problem of homelessness that slows down growth and development. In different regions of the U.S. such as Niagara County, among others, there is scanty information regarding the impact of housing space and the price attached to each housing unit. Besides, more research should be conducted on youth homelessness and how cultural identity contributes to homelessness in the country. Informing the public about their role and approaches that can be used to overcome homelessness is an effective strategy of handling the problem.

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