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Homework Topic 4 | Best Assignment Writers Online

  1. Negotiation

Negotiation is the process by which two or more parties strive to reach an agreement. Consequently, health professionals may want to reach an agreement with a patient in cases where they disagree on how to take care of the patient and the kind of help being offered to them (Malhotra and Malhotra, 2013). Negotiation is a crucial factor in ensuring the parties have a good relationship.

  1. Effects on patient education due to patient status

Patient education has become easier over the years as patients get to understand their status and become satisfied with their condition and how they are being taken care of. However, if a patient does not understand the status of his or her illness, they might not follow the doctor’s recommendations which may greatly affect the education offered to him or her (Koren, 2016). The fact that a patient lacks knowledge may impact patient education strategies.

  1. Pros and cons of negotiation

The pros of negotiation are that, better relationships are built between the patient and the health professionals and long-lasting solutions are met. The cons are that the parties involved may not necessarily agree especially if the patient is unwilling to cooperate. The whole process of trying to agree with a patient is altogether time-consuming since steps must be followed before coming to any agreement. Also, disclosure of the information is purely dependent on both health professionals and the patient.

  1. General conditions in a patientโ€™s contract

Conditions that may be included in a patient’s contract are attendance of an appointment which should be on time. The physical conduct of the patient while on a hospital premise should be good. That is, the patient is not allowed to harass the health workers or other patients. Health officials should observe confidentiality when dealing with patient’s information at all times. The terms of payment during their treatment should also be listed in the contract.

  1. Baby boomers and old age

Baby boomers are people born between the years 1946 and 1964. According to Horovitz (2019), this group of people is a definition of what old age is as these people are now in their old age. They, therefore, need long-term care as they can no longer take good care of themselves.

  1. Difference between a young health worker and an elderly patient

The generation gap between a 30-year-old and an elderly patient may contribute to a poor relationship between the two. For instance, the patient may be reluctant to ask the health professional questions relating to his or her health due to the existing age difference. The 30-year-old may be reluctant to get engaged in matters of marriage while the elderly value marriage. The 30-year-old may be less religious as compared to the elderly patient who may have strict religious values that he or she follow in day-to-day life.

  1. Barriers to elderly patient education

Elderly patients may have a problem in how they express themselves as some of them may be illiterate. The elderly tend to cling to their religious beliefs which may hinder one from educating them on health issues. Elderly patients may be facing visual challenges which may hinder education, especially where reading is involved.ย  Also, it may be difficult to educate an elderly person who has hearing impairment as he or she is unable to hear what you are telling them.

  1. Best approach to patient education for the elderly

Patient education to an elderly person needs a positive and patient attitude as they may not be able to learn something fast. Due to their strong beliefs, it is essential to ensure that you know their cultural and social relations before embarking on educating them. Also, engage the elderly in setting goals that will be met during the learning process.

  1. Cultural and religious beliefs about death

When one dies, people mourn and bury their loved ones depending on their cultural and religious beliefs. For instance, some people believe that a body must be cleansed and dressed appropriately before burial. Rituals are done to honor the departed. While others mourn in public, others prefer to mourn privately. New roles are given. For example, a widow may be forced to remarry after their partner has departed. In some cultures, there is a certain way the mourners should dress and behave themselves during the mourning period.

  1. Importance of discussing death and dying among the elderly

Talking with the elderly about death allows them to express their fears and worries. As Age UK (2018) states, these conversations prompt them to do obligations they need to perform before they die. For instance, they are prompted to sign wills and make their wishes. They can say what kind of sendoff they would like, either cremation or burial. They can state whether they want a close person near them when they die. Also, whether they are willing to donate any of their organs before they die.

  1. How to teach a patient with life threatening illness

One way to teach a terminally ill patient is by providing as much comfortable care as possible. This will help them reduce their pain and emotional stress during their illness. Offering counseling services to such patients will nourish their psychological thoughts. Ensuring that the terminally ill patients receive all the necessary palliative care helps the patient to die in dignity. Talking to the patient about the disease he or she is suffering from gives them hope to cope with the disease and live a stress-free life. Also, it is a way of showing them that they are not alone in their suffering.

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