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Homecoming in The Odyssey by Homer | Literature Homework Help Online

In The Odyssey, Homer develops compelling arguments that provoke the thought process of individuals by exposing them to an epic poem whose events take place in the sea. The epic poem accounts for experiences endured by Odysseus in his ten-year plight to return home to his family after the Trojan War. While Odysseus had anticipated a smooth transition from the war back to his healthy life, his conduct angered Poseidon, the god of the sea storms, who ensured that he could not return home. In his desire to watch his son grow into a responsible heir, Odysseus struggles to find a way out of the frenzy with no success. Back at home, his wife Penelope and his son are looking at a group of ruthless suitors willing to kill to take over the kingship and activities overseen by the throne. Odysseus’s experiences away from home shape his focus in life and inspires him to approach issues taking place in the world today differently. Considering the numerous aspects that affect the attention of individuals, creating viable solutions during a time of crisis forms a critical talking point in Homer’s full epic poems. Homecoming forms an essential aspect in Homer’s epic poem because it demonstrates the role of the family in defining individual perspectives towards overcoming problems in their surroundings.

In the medieval world, individuals were exposed to a wide range of challenges that defined their purpose in life. In many instances, participating in wars to retain influence and earn additional resources required kingdoms to prepare and plan for the unforeseeable future. Penelope understands the importance of loyalty and believes in the possibility of Odysseus’s return from Troy. This motivates Penelope and encourages her to remain focused on the course that is likely to distract her from succumbing to the numerous pleas from the suitors whose intention is to exploit the kingdom. Odysseus’s perseverance in the wild helps him reflect on his purpose in life (Welsh 1020). In every activity, he thinks about his family and how he has failed to mould his son into the next king. Understanding that Ithaca needed an ambitious king who could protect it from external factors gave him hope during his attempt to return home. In the poem, Homer indicates that a soldier’s joy is not to neutralize the enemy but to return home unscathed. Odysseus’s ten-year adventure has exposed him to different aspects of life that influenced his thought process and interactions with other people in their surroundings.

When Odysseus’s loyalty to his family and Ithaca is subjected to test, the king chooses Penelope and his kingdom, to the dismay of those who held him hostage. On the one hand, Odysseus would enjoy unlimited access to luxury as Calypso’s husband while on the other, he would be the wealthiest individual in a peaceful kingdom. While he could have accepted these offers and started a new journey of life with his newfound loves, Odysseus’s desire to abide by his identity and family demonstrated his incorruptible moral compass. Despite understanding the problems that take place in modern families, Odysseus is willing to experience these shortcomings with his family and protect Ithaca from exploiters. On many occasions, individuals are lured from their focus towards life by earthly distractions that hinder them from exploring their potential and using the insights to enhance outcomes in their surroundings. Odysseus’s experience demonstrates Homer’s perspective towards family and the role of the home in defining the purpose of individuals in life.

Lord Odysseus’s homecoming is a journey of struggle that culminates into different outcomes that shape his purpose in life. Many of the returnees from Troy were either killed by their spouses such as King Agamemnon among others. However, the overall experience focuses on the need of individuals to embrace a particular aspect of interactions that define their purpose in life. Throughout the different ordeals, Odysseus expects the worst to happen, even after succeeding to escape from Calypso’s grip where he encountered the wrath from the god of the sea. His glimmer of hope manifests when he is washed away from the sea after his ship, and its occupants sank. However, only Odysseus was rescued by the king’s daughter, Nausicaa. Having experienced a great deal of hospitality from the king who realizes his identity, Odysseus sets out to a new journey where he cannot face his adversities as a returnee from Troy (Kuoni 138). Camouflaging as a beggar, Odysseus’s homecoming is defined by a hostile reception, especially from the dogs that were about to feast on him before his owner appeared. Unable to reveal his identity, Odysseus’s discovers that a lot had taken place in his ten-year absence, which caused sadness to his immediate family and a cause to celebrate to the suitors.

Penelope’s decision to take a closer look at the strange beggar in their immediate environment gave him hope about the return of her husband. Her desire to expose the beggar and other individuals to a test that would reveal the actual identity of Odysseus was a fulfilling attempt that gave them both a chance to reunite and initiate a new course of redemption. Odysseus’s first order of business was to kill the suitors who had tried to take advantage of his absence to exploit Penelope and reap from the proceeds of Ithaca. Considering his different beliefs and views towards life, Odysseus’s homecoming was focused on introducing change in Ithaca and exposing individuals to an enabling environment where they would overcome issues taking place in their surroundings. Considering the different aspects of interactions that interfere with the focus of individuals towards life, Odysseus’s homecoming gives readers hope and encourages them to face challenges affecting their lifestyles. Although Odysseus had anticipated a warm homecoming reception, his cunningness to read the mood of the people after twenty years enabled him to develop a proactive strategy that equipped him with the power to overcome the evil sources.

Homecoming forms a critical aspect in Homer’s epic poem because it demonstrates the role of the family in defining individual perspectives towards overcoming problems in their surroundings. Odysseus’s willingness to come home gives him the much-needed hope and energy to overcome challenges that affected his focus during the struggle. Even though he encounters certain instances of hospitability, Odysseus is keen to approach his backyard to understand the different events that had taken place in his twenty-year stretch of absence. Given the nature of challenges that encountered the war returnees such as King Agamemnon, Lord Odysseus realized the power of discretion that would enable them to accomplish the desired outcomes upon his return. Exploiting the homecoming theme in Homer’s epic poem exposes individuals to subsequent consequences that define the overall significance of home and other aspects, which dictate the nature of interactions in the world today.



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