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History of Popular Music | College Assignment Writers

Popular music is generally considered as a constantly evolving genre that is difficult to clearly define. It is a genre which incorporates different sounds, linked by the tune and system of traditional pop. Initially, the genre began as a system of white songwriters who generated premade music for crooners and other groups. However, it turned out as a discrete crusade and eventually a representative for assimilation and liberation. This provided a platform and recognition for black artists as well as the teen audience.

History of Popular Music

The genre started during the rock and roll age in the 1950s. The initial genre that comprised of swing melody and crooning lyrics was being substituted. Rock music was developing, and simultaneously, the start of true pop tunes also developed as a result of Mitch Miller’s creations. The producer collaborated with Columbia Record’s established musicians to develop sounds that were not restricted to a particular genre. Moreover, he combined the various genres with a typical rock sound such country and folk tunes.

In the 1960s, pop was known for its large fan base that mainly consisted of a teen audience. It became easier for teenagers to take their music wherever they went as a result of the introduction of a portable radio during this period. The popularity of both rock and pop in the United States is attributed to the British incursion. Moreover, it is attributed to the infusion of beats, rock, and pop songs that made various groups top the American song Charts. The genre split into sub-genres which incorporated bubble-gum pop, identified through its buoyant sound aimed at the teenage audience.

In the 1970s, subgenres of pop in the 1960s faded and led to the introduction of power pop, an infusion of punk-rock and pop, performed by orchestras such as the Romantics and Cheap Trick. During the same period, it led to the emergence of country-pop, a move by country music artists to try and reach out to a mainstream audience.  Pop’s melodies and hooks suddenly intertwined with the intonation and drawl of country tunes. However, the major item attributed to the 1970s was the creation of the pop-rock sound.

In the 1980s, digital recording art became huge and provided numerous prospects for the growth and development of pop music. Synthesizers and electronic sounds were gradually incorporated into pop songs. This led to the introduction of dance-pop and other genres, such as techno. Pop music during the 80s is attributed to the development of performers such as Michael Jackson and Madonna (Myers, 2016). During this duration, pop-music was greatly developed as compared to other periods and would carry on for many years.

In the 1990s, a variety of girl groups were introduced to the fray. For instance, The Spice Girls emerged in the American scene and developed into the most commercially prosperous musical group with their single “Spice up Your Life.” The next decade oversaw the introduction of other teen pop groups in American Music Charts such as Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. In the 2000s, pop became a genre that had numerous opportunities for artists to explore, which had its style and twist to definitive customs of pop tunes. Moreover, music from artists such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera demonstrated the existence of teen pop. Pop was again being influenced at the culmination of the initial decade of the 2000s with R & B sounds and hip-hop sounds. Pop music developed into a thrilling genre of subgenres and tunes that had mutual aspects of a pop tune.


The genre of pop music is an illustration of how music has continuously developed in recent years.  In the present day, pop songs are assorted and ironic as a result of the effects of its development. It is considered as an intricate, astounding music genre with endless opportunities.

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