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History of Children’s Literature | Best Homework Helpers

Use the following chart to list information relating to the three historical periods you selected to analyze. In your chart, describe the significant changes in how and why children’s books were written for each of the 3 time periods you selected, paying close attention to how and why social conditions, political attitudes, economic situations, religious practices, language use, educational practices, and print availability impacted each time period.

From the beginning, adults have been entertaining children with fables and stories. Children’s literature has been changing from time to time due to the influence of different factors. The table below illustrates how children’s literature has been influenced at a given time.

History of Children’s Literature(Historical Time Period 1)(Historical Time Period 2)(Historical Time Period 3)
Social ConditionsConflict among classes such as those who fight, those who pray, and those who work.-Justification of the rights of women.

-Noble families


-Interracial friendship

-White and blacks differences.

Political Attitudes-Political clashes, for example, 1381 Peasants’ Revolt.-Political justice-Political Justice

-Political diversity

Economic Situation-Poverty lives-Societal matters and hardships-Socioeconomic

-Fast capitalism


Religious Practices-Most people started questioning the authority of the manifestation of the church (Hodge2021).

-Some people turned to Lollardy; others started small movements showing church corruptions, abuse of indulgences, or false church relics.

-Christians focus on moral lessons like acceptance, frugality, good family, and cooperation.-Children be content with the bible

-Morals, religion, and manners.

-Freedom of worship

Historical Events-Stormy time in English history

-Catholic was the only church.

-General political events

-Evolvement of churches


-Postcolonial community fighting for its own identity
Language Use-Rhetorical devices, literary forms, linguistic style.-Middle English

-Literature reforms

-Use of English

-Sign language

Educational Practices-Alphabet and spelling.

-Children are a special audience in thought about education




-Scientific research

-Practical studies

Print Availability-Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales


-Frankenstein (The Modern Prometheus)

-Ivanhoe: A Romance


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