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Hispanic Church Essay | Best Assignment Help Online

Dominant Culture’s Structure and Values May Alienate the Group and/or Themselves 

In my attendance of the Hispanic church session, I discovered that most of Latinos are Catholics. Long-García (2018) indicates that more than half of the Latinos in the United States identify themselves as Catholics and nine in ten identify themselves with at least one religion. The importance of the religious beliefs and values among the Latinos in the United States is very high among other citizens. This indicates that the church I attended, the Hispanics serve as the dominant group (minority-majority). That is, despite being a minority group in the U.S. society, the Hispanics in their churches are the dominant groups. This posits a high tendency of alienating themselves through the belief on Catholic religion and symbols used in the church. A strong belief exists in this group making them strong believers of a healthy and wealthy life when one believes and does according to God’s will. Hispanics shelf themselves in the belief that the return of Jesus Christ their savior will be in their lifetime (Appel, Weber & Kronberger, 2015). Thus, it is integral to note that their values and belief system holds astute of doing what is good and in the will of God.

Enhancement of Privileges and Power

The enhancement of privileges and power among the Latino Catholics revolve on the context of having Jesus Christ as their savior. This develops the notion that those that does according to God’s teachings and believe in His wellness are bound to live a good and quality life (Lindsey, 2018). The power among the Hispanic Catholics revolve on Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene as the anchor to which they shall see and enter the Kingdom of God. It is of profound importance for the Hispanic Catholics to hold God as the absolute being above all.

Question #2

Lessons from the Population

The key lessons learned from the Hispanic population in which I attended a church service is based on the level of devotion and commitment to the belief system. It is crucial to note that, on average every Hispanic attends a church service at least once in every month. This is fundamental to bring oneself closer to God and the believe in the divine power and intervention (Ortiz, 2020). The profound commitment and engagement in the church service and activities helps in building a stable community. That is, one that is built on values and moral teachings of the Bible. Also, it is essential to note that the belief in the divine power helps nurture a good sense of the community as we all are made in the likeness of God. The youths joining and commitment to the church activities is critical to minimize the level of incarceration in the community. The vast number of youths that attend church service often lead a life that they are model citizens.

Cultural Values for the Population  

The main cultural values found in the population comprises of collectivistic culture. That is, the sense of doing thing in groups and sharing responsibility and accountability as a community. There is a profound sense of community and commitment to collective connection. This is vital to holding the community closer and abiding each other to higher values and standards (Eguizabal, 2018). The sense of family hood and looking out for one another is dominant in the cultural values of the community. A focus on the Hispanic church elucidates the values of community and collectiveness.

Question #3

Prejudices and Stereotypes Associated with the Group

In the American society, most of the Latinos (Hispanics) are likely to face the discrimination against immigration. This is a profound issue where Latinos are labelled as immigrants. It is vital to note that, some of the Latinos have been a part of the American culture and history for generation. The level of prejudice and discrimination against such a Latino is demeaning to the person. Also, Latinos are most likely to be prejudiced as people who are out to take the American jobs. Having lived in a society for years, Latinos have the right to compete for jobs in the United States like any other citizen. As well, despite being an immigrant, every person in the United States has a right to pursue their dreams. Another form of discrimination and prejudice that Latinos face revolve on the perception that they are from one and the same cultural heritage and background (Benton, 2021). It is crucial to note that, Latinos come from different countries such as Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. This makes them vary in cultural heritage and origins. This can be equated to the same context as Europeans have different cultures and heritage such as French, British, Italian, German, among others – so does the Latinos. Finally, Latinos are viewed as persons that are employed as house helps and home caretakers.

How the Prejudices Were Proven Incorrect by the Experience  

The prejudice against Latinos being viewed as home caretakers was proven incorrect in the context that, in the contemporary society most Latinos are learned and want to compete for the same opportunities like every American. Also, it is evident that there are different social status and classes among the Latinos. There are business families, farmers, among other categories which makes them divergent in distribution of labor. The experience in the church proved that there are Hispanics falling generations from their ancestors’ migration to the United States. Like other Americans with European, Asian, and African origins, Latinos migrated to the United States and have generations living in the country. This makes them full citizens whose home they have ever known is only in the United States. Furthermore, every Latino has an opportunity to seek and compete for any job in the United States like any other citizen. This is based on the based that – all citizens are equal and should have fair access to existing opportunities.

Question #4

Ways in which Hispanics Are Impacted by the Difference from the Dominant/Majority Culture

The main way in which the Hispanics are impacted by the difference from the dominant culture in the United States revolves on the aspect of language. While most love and often speak Spanish, English is a dominant language in the American society. This prompts Hispanics in the American society to develop a culture where they adopt English as a key language. Also, in politics, the Hispanics are impacted by the dominant system in the society. As well, the spread of general cultures such as fast food and consumption behavior, the Hispanic culture is eroded to fit in the larger American context.

Question #5

Personal Biases and Values

The main that has extensively enabled me to overcome personal biases is based on being open-minded and accepting of others. As a person that is always respectful of other people’s difference – I have no problem or see any issue in being different. The only currency that should be used to judge a person should be based on their character and kind of person one proves to be in the society. Also, I love and value the difference as each community and culture has many things to add to the society.

In the future, accepting and seeing other people’s difference as a strength is vital to eliminating prejudices in the society. This is important in allowing other people have access to the same opportunities as you do and allow them to compete fairly in the society. Also, it brings the best in individuals to view others as an asset and important part of the society.

Question #7

How Minority in the Environment Affected My Emotional Level

The minority in the Hispanic community that I attended the church service comprise of persons with disability. The level of activeness and commitment to the church and colleagues was fascinating. This made me realize the value of having people close to you and a community you interact with in life.

Impact of Going Alone without a Friend, Colleague, or Family Member

The experience of going alone without a friend, colleague, or a family member was essential as I remained objective and committed to carrying out the exercise by myself. This was an opportunity to learn new things and interact with different people. Having done so by myself accorded me the opportunity to engage effectively with the target population.

Feeling Prior and After Accomplishing the Assignment and Lesson Learned  

Prior to assignment, I was reserved on how the Hispanic community will take me attending a service in their church. After taking part in the activity, I realized they are a warm and welcoming community. I enjoyed every aspect of attending the church service in the Hispanic community. The key lesson learned comprise of being true to oneself and accepting others. This is a critical sense of society as it allows the opportunity to learned and understand people in a fair manner.

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