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Help Clients Tap into their Resilience | Do My Homework

  1. Read the imagined scenario below and answer the following questions (questions 1 and 2). The questions are designed to help you think about the scenario from both the client’s and helper’s perspectives.
  2. Client Perspective
  3. Name some factors that might serve as barriers to this client’s resilience (Miller & Bowen, 2020)?
  • Members of the family, both close and extended, are prosperous in diverse professional careers.
  • Struggled on the medical school entrance exam
  • Family standards
  • Lack of tolerance of bad effect
  1. Which factors revealed in the scenario might contribute to the client’s resilience?
  • The client’s dream to become a doctor
  • The parent who is a physician
  • The client is an extremely hard worker
  • Well-respected and liked by teachers and peers
  1. Your resilience
  2. On a separate piece of paper, write out a summary of a problem situation you are struggling to manage or an opportunity you are struggling to develop.
  3. Name some factors that might serve as barriers to this client’s resilience?
  • Lack of good strategic plan
  • Not adaptable to changes
  • Lack of tolerance of bad effect
  1. Name factors that might contribute to your resilience in managing this problem or opportunity (Rae et al., 2018)?
  • Experience
  • Self-efficacy
  • Fetching the backing of others
  • My past achievement gives self-assurance for a new encounter.
  1. Get with a learning partner and role play (three to five minutes), both taking turns as counselor and client. In the role of client, inject your personality and who you are into the role play to give the role play “flavor” and make it more genuine. In the role of counselor, use the counseling skills you have developed to understand what resiliencies the client has drawn upon in the past.

Role Play Scenario (example)

Counselor: Welcome, how are you?

Client: Fine, thank you

Counselor: What brings you here?

Client: Well, my parents are not on good terms, and I feel it is very risky, especially at this critical moment where we as their children need their attention more.

Counselor: Why do your parents have differences?

Client: The main reason for their disagreement rests on family assets and investments.

Counselor: So, from your point of view, this is not a good time for your parents to have some differences?

Client: Yes, I feel this is not the right time for my parents to have differences, especially in our presence.

Counselor: Have your parents had some disagreements in the past?

Client: Severally, although they always come into an agreement after some time

Counselor: Have you ever attempted to help find the solution and end the disagreement?

Client: I have tried sometimes, although it appears in vain and I feel pulverized.

  1. Afterward, give feedback to each other from the client’s perspective about what was more and less helpful. Be specific in your feedback.

Client’s perspective

The most helpful thing was from the therapy was the question concerning past disagreements, the concern about my attempt to end the disagreement was less helpful.

  1. Lastly, talk with one another about what it was like as the counselor to try and help tap into the client’s resilience. What was easy about it? What was difficult? What did and didn’t feel natural? How were your ways of drawing out one another’s resiliencies similar and different?

Counselor perspective

The therapy was good; what made it easy to tap the client’s resilience was her experience concerning parents disagreeing but coming into agreement. However, the fact that the client felt pulverized made it so difficult. Everything felt natural, and our ways of taping one another resilience were similar by use of past experiences.

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