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Healthcare Organization Evaluation | Homework Writers

Banner Healthcare Organization

The banner healthcare organization, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the biggest non-profit healthcare systems. Banner health comprises of 19 hospitals and six long-term care centers as well as several family health clinics, home care programs, and home medical apparatus. The organization has established an integrated organization-wide ranging effort that addresses safety, quality, reduced patient errors, report performance, controlling cost as well as patient satisfaction (Kuhn and Lehn, 2015). Banner healthcare has varied medical facilities that have offered human services to the general public. The healthcare organization has remained committed to making life for the general public better through offer better access to healthcare.

Banner healthcare has remained an essential component to healthcare since the organization emphasizes patient satisfaction and improvement of healthcare delivery. Banner has employed more than 30,000 people within their facilities. These facilities have focused on enhancing transparency and visibility of their administrations and operations to boost patient’s confidence in their care delivery and healthcare advantages. Banner has developed new technologies that have guaranteed patients better and affordable health services.

The major goal for Banner Healthcare organization is to enhance the provision of healthcare as well as guarantee the patients that they have received the best healthcare services. The number of hospital beds has been growing so that more patients can gain access to quality healthcare. The healthcare professionals and other healthcare workers have been trained to offer evidence-based care to patients to lower health care complications as well as improve the quality of patient care. For instance, the organization has been involved in training the healthcare professionals on the use of innovative and new technologies that are based on high-quality care to the patients. The nurses and doctors have always been encouraged to rely on critical skills and creative thinking to boost high-quality care as well as improve patient satisfaction.

Overall Readiness to Meet the Citizen Needs

Banner healthcare organization has demonstrated its readiness to serve the needs of the citizens through the development of various healthcare programs to cater to the citizens in the next decade. The organization has undergone organizational restructuring to boost its operations as well as enhance its performance. Banner Health has increased its services to a point that they are self-sufficient through focusing on people, processes, and technology while rendering services (Dahl, Reisetter, and Zismann, 2014). The services being rendered have been endless thus ensuring that they care for the needs of every patient. This has been promoted by training the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals on how to offer the most effective and high-quality care services. The organization has been relying on qualified employees as well as actively offering them training to boost their skills. The organization has also been focusing on environmental cleanliness through initiating a green program where the citizens have been encouraged to maintain environmental health.

The utilization of new technologies and innovations in healthcare has also been part of improving the quality of care. Ideally, the future quality of healthcare has been guaranteed by Banner health network since they have implemented modern and practical innovation within the medical structure. Technology has enabled the transfer and dissemination of information through the healthcare departments to boost an understanding of the patient’s experiences. The employees have been committed to offering research-based skills to employees through simulation programs and training which has updated their skills and knowledge.

The healthcare organization has focused on a strategy through offering customer-focused services at a low cost. Banner has boosted its performance through lowering leadership positions and increasing the low staff. Banner has a healthcare network that has sufficiently expanded ways through which patients receive quality care as well as access the healthcare facilities. Banner healthcare has also anticipated purchasing more healthcare chains to boost the availability of their healthcare services. Ideally, the company will incorporate clinics within its system to boost the patient population being attended to. Banner healthcare networks will connect with other healthcare networks. Banner has also planned to reposition its supply chain in a strategic focus to boost its future performance.

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan will address issues such as network growth, nurse staffing, resource management and patient satisfaction, through innovating information technology, financial and population health management as well as customer engagement. The banner will aim at having a variety of health professionals who will offer the best care that is needed to promote network growth. The banner will also engage in community health projects as well as integrate the latest innovations and technologies that contribute towards technology.

Nurses are essential in the provision of excellent healthcare. Banner’s healthcare strategic plan will focus on appreciating and recognizing the role of caring for patients. The organization will offer attractive remunerations as well as develop a safe and satisfying working environment for the nurses. For an organization to be effective, there must be proper management of resources.

The banner will focus on shifting its resources to the patients, community projects, creation of employment, and marketing to build a competitive advantage. Proper resource management will facilitate its survival in the healthcare industry. To improve patient satisfaction, Banner will embrace a family and patient-centered care philosophy that will institute sustainable practices that will promote patient satisfaction (Luxford, Piper, Dunbar, and Poole, 2010). Information technology will play a big role in the management of clinical systems to improve patient service.

Issues within the Organizational Culture

Compliance, quality, and employee engagement have been some of the most critical issues within the organization culture that have influenced the reimbursements and safety of patients as well as a culture that focuses on continuous improvement. Healthcare standards and regulations have greatly influenced the organizational culture. The organization has failed to effectively understand the habits and behaviors that embed a culture of quality within the organization.

McKinsey 7S Model

The organization will rely on McKinsey 7S Model which is effective in analyzing the company’s organizational design. McKinsey 7S Model entails a tool that analyzes the design of the organization and addresses how effectiveness can be achieved within the organization through interactions of seven major elements- skill, structure, strategy, staff, style, and shared values.

The main idea in McKinsey 7S Model lies in the interconnection of the elements to uphold an effective balance. (Yap and Melder, 2018).  Therefore, Banner will focus on the accountability relationship in the organization chart, the creation of an effective plan of action to gain competitive advantage, and systems that will establish workflows. Additionally, skills will be necessary for competencies and capabilities that will enable employees to achieve their objectives. Staff management and engagement through reward systems, training, and recruiting as well as ensuring shared values will play a key role in maintaining the effectiveness of the organization.

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