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Health Systems Inc. Networking Concepts | Homework Paper Help

A network is a structure that consists of interconnections between users and devices, communicating with one another, and disseminating data. Networks make use ofbroadcast media such as network cabling or wireless connectivity to connect users and devices. Although the technologies change with time, the conceptions remain the same. Network architecture is developed to design means by which computers may transfer and obtaininformationeffectively. There are a few conceptions that should be determined to provide the precise architecture, such as the network topology, network cabling, network protocols,communication, and hardware forms.

Basic Concepts of Networking Technology.

The basics of network technology may be split into seven layers. The layers include application, presentation, session, transport, Network, Datalink, and physical (West Dean & Andrews, 2015). A network is principally an interconnected group of individuals or elementsableto sharesignificantdata. Data networks present users with quicker messaging and information that may also be kept in a digital layout. For example, incorporating a network in a medical facility can guarantee that hospital personnel and patients are advanced in a quick and most effective method.

Network cable architecture defines the physical cablingdesignall through a network (Newman, 2018)..This may comprise the links between a workplace and a printer or the link between a patch panel and a switch. A patch cable is usually short and contains connectors on every end. The length may vary but is characteristically between three and twenty-five feet in length. The connectors may alter depending on the particular wire being utilized. For instance, a cat6 ethernet cable will most likely utilize the RJ45 connectors (West Dean &Andrews, 2015). Horizontal cabling links workspaces to the adjacent information room and later to switches situated within the room.A 90-meter span is provided to link the network device in the information room to an information jack. Backbone wiring consists of either wired or wireless connections that will offer interconnection between the entry and MDF, along with interconnections between MDFs and IDFs. Every floor necessitates a vertical cross-connect. This link mightlink an MDF to an IDF or a single IDF in a similarstructure but on a different floor.

Network Infrastructure Components

Network infrastructure incorporates numerous exclusive elements. The elements comprise demark, MDF, IDF, patch, panel, and equipment rack. The components offer a communication path and services between users, procedures, applications, services, exterior networks, or the internet. For example, the demark, also identified as the demarcation point,acts as the beginning endpoint for internet accessibility offered by an ISP (West Dean & Andrews, 2015). Demarks are usually stationed close to the building’s perimeter. For example, the demark would be a connection point between the LAN and the Internet Service Provider in the hospital scenario.

The main distribution frame, or the MDF, is the central location of the corporation’s LAN or WAN. The MDF might contain the demark, transceivers, among other connectivity gadgets. It most frequentlyaccommodatesthe organizations, or in this instance, the hospital’s central server.

The IDF, or intermediate distribution frame, offers a transitional link between the MDF and the operators’ equipment on every floor in the building. Even though there is typically a single MDF on every premise, numerous IDFs may link network segments. In the hospital’s scenario, multiple information rooms and closets might be beneficial in the management of data feed from the primary information.

A patch panel is considered an attached hardware assembly that comprises portsto connect and manage inbound and outward-bound LAN wires. Thus, patch panels are utilized as some form of switchboard and aids with interconnection.

Equipment racks are utilized in attaching network equipment and maintaining its organization. Characteristically, shelves come in diverse varieties that range from two-post to six-post and may be open framed or encircled. An open-framed system is valuable for convenience resolves, while an encircled offers improved safety.

Location of Networking Components

Because the building consists of five floors, the IT department is stationed in the basement, positioning various infrastructures is vital. Foremost, the entrance facility will consist of demark additionset close to the MDF within the IT department/equipment room. The MDF would accommodate the webservers, patch panel, switch, and primary servers. The MDF’s patch cabling wouldthen link to either an additional patch panel on the closest wall or directly link to the backbone wiring in the structure’ssubstructure.The backbone wiring will travel to every floor’s information room, casing an IDF through a daisy chain. Every IDF would consist of a switch and patch panel.The IDF would utilize the horizontal wiring to link to wall data jacks that would sequentially link to static workplaces. Access points would be tactically placed throughout every floor and also link to the IDF through horizontal wiring.

Recommended Cabling Standards

The building’s cabling framework may need to adhere to specific standards to guarantee effectiveness. The key aim of adhering to the standards is to offer personnel security, safeguard against equipment failure, identify regularity contemplations, and attain diverse performance needs. The recommended cabling standards include ANSI/TIA-569-E and ANSI/TIA-606-B (Wright & Conte, 2018). Foremost, the ANSI/TIA-569-E standard is intended for commercial structures and manages physical paths and areas in and between facilities. Numerous essentials are laid out within the standard’s guidelines. For instance, specific equipment ought to be housed within an area that maintains specific humidity and temperature. Also, the standard comprises elements of fire stopping, floor-space minimums, and characteristic layout dimensions. The ANSI/TIA- 606-C standard is intended for administration structures. The 606 standards may deal with connection, conductivity, and foundations of systems. Moreover, this guideline may also manage wiring pathways, physical location needs, and fire stopping.


To have maximum optimization and the least possiblemaintenance, a TIA/EIA cable guideline needs to be attained. Because the new maternity wing comprises five floors, with the IT department located in the basement, positioning the numerous infrastructure elements is vital.Having a central MDF within the basement/IT room and later branching out to IDFs on the various floors and subdivisions is essential to optimization and security.




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