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Health Sciences and Nursing Assignment Essay | Homework Help

The formulation of laws and policies for nursing practice in particular states tremendously relies on existing regulations and operations related to the nursing practice to which the nurse practitioners are expected to abide. The regulations relating to the nursing practice in the state of Georgia are based on the fact that various restrictions prevail within the state. The nurses have the responsibility of practicing under the supervision of a physician. The Medical Association of Nurses (AANP, 2018), elaborate that nurse practitioners have the inherent responsibility of knowing how the state laws and regulations affect the practices and prescription of medications.

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Concerning the prescription of the level of autonomy of nursing practice in Georgia, nurse practitioners have to work under the supervision of physicians. Both the nursing practitioners and the physicians have the mandate of operating under the nurse protocols. Regardless of the terms created and outlined with regards to the agreements of the nursing protocol, the nurse practitioners in Georgia are not allowed to prescribe ‘schedule 2’ controlled substances. The nurse practitioners have permission to sign their prescriptions in Georgia (Richardson, Berdzuli & World Health Organization, 2017). They do not require a co-signature of the medical director. In the process of providing the prescriptions, the nurse practitioners operate under the authority of the medical directors.

Concerning the comparison of the states of Georgia and Illinois, both states have guidelines that require the supervision of the physician in directing care.  The nursing practitioners and the physicians, in both cases, are mandated to have a written agreement.  Both states have the requirement that all nursing practitioners should obtain a substance license number before the prescription of controlled substances. After receiving a controlled substance license, various laws control the prescription of ‘schedule 2’ drugs (IASPN, 2018). Both states require the previous consultation from the prescribing physician before prescribing of the medication from the practitioners. The state of Illinois requires that the practitioners should discuss the plans for the patient care monthly. In Georgia, the evaluation is on a 90 days basis (IASPN 2018). While the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) number is required for the nurse practitioners in Georgia, it is not needed in the state of Illinois.

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