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Health Care Essay: Cost, Access, Quality, and Role Technology Plays

The United health care system is considered the most intricate and decentralized sector, globally. Moreover, the health care system is managed as a cottage industry, whereby there exist small, big, and bigger cottages with up-to-date technology with infrastructures. America’s health system is a culture and organization of health care that splits care into separate systems, for instance, hospital facilities, home-based care, skilled nursing amenities with little to no official communication, relations, or partnerships. This paper aims to elaborate on the aspects that facilitate the surge in healthcare costs, technology’s impact on healthcare accessibility, and the provision of quality care.

Contributing Factors

Within the United States Healthcare framework, numerous factors exist regarding the constant surge in healthcare costs as the United States administration allocates a considerable amount of money towards the health care sector. A rise in healthcare costs was initially recorded in 1965 after the inception of Medicare and Medicaid and integrated as part of the Social Security Act. Both government policies facilitated improved access to health care services. Aspects that contributed to the rise in medical costs comprise the medical model, the growing populace, chronic ailments, and administrative charges. The United States consists of an increasing populace that experiences prolonged living as a result of progress in the medical field. According to Sorenson Drummond and Bhuiyan Khan (2013), the United States has experienced a surge in the number of senior citizens who need increased medical services to lead a long life. In these cases, healthcare practitioners incorporate curative medical treatments as compared to preventive medicine. As a result, there is a significant number of individuals believed to obese, diabetic, and ailing from other chronic ailments that strain the healthcare system. In regard to the administration costs, they advance the quality of care and are linked with health insurance coverage for the patients. This includes the fees for the provision of care and typically results in an increase in the cost of healthcare by approximately 25%. In most cases, the healthcare providers and the United States administration should devise ways of delivering quality care to patients devoid of an increase in the cost of healthcare and enhancing affordability to every citizen. The cost of health care should also reduce to cater to quality health care devoid of compromising the healthcare quality received.

The impact that cost and technology are having on access to care

In current society, advancements in technology have resulted in a drastic increase in healthcare prices. Advances in medical technology have proven to have significant benefits such as aiding proper diagnosis and accurate patient treatment. Nonetheless, these results in high medical bills that may prove to be unaffordable to the patients. Integration of advanced technologies by medical facilities, for instance, allows the most susceptible populace to access quality healthcare in health care systems. According to Shi & Singh (2019), technology developers and researchers are continuously working towards the development of enhanced medical equipment to improve efficiency. This would lead to the time required in conducting a diagnosis and treatment of the patient nut may also be considered expensive. The rising demand for quality medical equipment will increase the cost of healthcare during the purchase of the equipment and increase the cost of use by the patients.

The existence of global health threats necessitates the use of advanced technology in medical facilities; however, patients will be unable to utilize them as a result of treatment. Despite the existence of medical equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging and x-rays, the research and development of more technology may bear a price on American citizens will ultimately for and this reduces healthcare accessibility attributed to the high costs. Technology is critical in access to healthcare through the Affordable care Act. The act compels that each hospital indicates a price list of the services on the websites. Patients now have the ability to access the cost of care on hospital websites easily. With patients and hospital facilities now conscious of the medical services costs, it allows them to shop for the most cost-effective selections. Hospitals and clinics around the nation are lowering the prices to facilitate the accessibility of quality healthcare. As a result, there ought to be a balance between the price of integrating up-to-date technology for medical benefits and what it costs to acquire the advancement for the medical organization.

Provision of Quality Care

In the U.S., the ability to offer quality healthcare remains one of the fundamental aspects amongst healthcare practitioners. Various reasons within the healthcare sector hinder the accessibility to quality healthcare services. The grounds include insufficient healthcare environment and strategies, cost of healthcare, obsolete medical amenities, and inadequate resources. Patients fail to gain confidence in the form of care received if medical personnel fail to consider safety amongst patients. Lack of care and inadequate safety may result in patients delaying care or failing to seek enhanced care in the future.

Possessing bad healthcare plans is considered part of the healthcare system that health practitioners may be unable to alter. It is basically a contract between the patients and insurance providers. On the other hand, an inadequate healthcare strategy may prevent healthcare professionals from the delivery of quality care covered by the health insurance policy as they may escalate the cost of treatment. Additionally, poor hospital environments, for instance, dirty facilities and run-downs, are viewed as a hindrance to the delivery of quality care.

A clean and maintained health facility is vital in the provision of quality health services as it increases the patients’ assurance and conviction in the medical facility in the hospital at every level of the organization. Technology is essential in providing care as it facilitates quick detection and treatment of ailments before they are considered life-threatening and necessitating more extensive care (Norbeck, 2013). Moreover, the provision of good quality health care has turned out to be an indispensable aspect of the healthcare sector as a mode of instituting trust between patients, doctors, and the medical facility.


The constant development of technology pertaining to the health sector, accessibility, and health care quality bears a significant impact on how healthcare services are delivered in the United States. The healthcare sector in the United States is continually trying to enhance service provision while also increasing accessibility to the marginalized population. Demand for quality health services has risen significantly over the years and bears a substantial effect on the healthcare sector. This has also resulted in a surge in healthcare costs and is considered to be challenging in an attempt to devise solutions for every American citizen. It is upon the administration to find ways of regulating the cost of healthcare while enhancing access to health services.

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