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Health Care and Nursing | Get Homework Help

Patient Advocacy

The health care system has revolutionized and advanced by including nursing care procedures such as patient advocacy. Patient advocacy entails a caring practice that mainly deals with nurses being empathic with patients and protecting them. It is aimed at helping the patients to communicate effectively with their respective health care providers. The communication is useful in helping them to make more informed decisions about their health care and medical conditions. Patient advocates assist patients in booking appointments, getting medical tests together with securing legal, financial, and social support related to their health care (Balwin 33). Through patient advocacy, the nurses ensure the safety of the patient, educate them on matters relating to their health, check on errors in the patient reports, and in overall, they protect the rights of the patient.

Data Reporting Software

The health care sector has tapped into technology advancement by incorporating software such as the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS). The PQRS is a program designed to enhance access to medical information from medical organizations. The PQRS is utilized in the Medicaid services and Medicare centers. The main aim of the PQRS is to collect meaningful information geared at improving patient health care. Data on the PQRS is available to the public enabling patients to compare doctors and medical care in order to make choices among service providers. For instance, the program has quality measures that ensure the older patients receive their pneumonia vaccine and flu shot. Consequently, the software is faced with challenges as physicians have sighted that the PDRS is burdensome, and reporting is optional.


MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) is a track system offered under the standard quality payment program. The MIPS aims at transforming the medical sector from ‘fee for services offered’ to the ‘pay for value’ module. The MIPS is used in grouping the eligible clinicians in four different categories. The categories include promoting interoperability, quality, improvement activities, and cost (Von 2). The cost reporting in MIPS is calculated by CMS and by utilizing claims data. The improvement of activities reporting aims at improving clinical practice together with care delivery. MIPS seeks to improve the quality of services and promote how various software in healthcare utilizes and exchanges vital information.

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